Our parents warned us against the negative effects of social media without realizing they're the ones who spread the most garbage on it. amirite?

That's definitely the case with my mom. You should see the shit she posts on Twitter. I'm extremely careful what things I say, and what info I give out online.

I've seen enough crap on the normal web to destroy what shred of innocence I once had. I don't need to see what's lurking on the dark web. Besides, I don't want to accidentally stumble across something that will put me on a watch list.

A relationship can only work if the man and the woman in that relationship divide the tasks. The relationship shouldn't purely consist of the typical gender roles. A man could help a bit in the household as well and a woman could bring out the garbage from time to time too. Equal efforts are important in a relationship. Relationships where the man is an alphamale with toxic masculine behavior and misogynistic views, cannot work. Women and men are equal therefore must put equal efforts into the relationship to make it a successful one.

Relationships are a partnership, and a relationship where one of the people wants to be superior, or wants to control the other is toxic. Gender roles also don't work for everyone; some people are perfectly happy with them, while others are not. Personally, I think both partners should know how to do certain tasks, whether it be cooking, cleaning, maintaining appliances, doing repairs around the house, etc.... i consider these things to be basic life skills.

Post some teary songs about teenage tragedies. There were lots of them when I was a teen.

This is from about 10 years before I was born, but I've heard it on the radio often. I always thought this was way too upbeat for the nature of the song though.
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Would you, or not, post this sign in front of your residence?

I'm not a gun owner but I still think that in some areas, this is basically a sign that says "I'm unarmed and can't fight back! Please break into my house and assault me or worse!"

It would be like putting up signs that say "This house doesn't have a security system" or "the security system stickers / beware of dog signs are outdated, they were here when i moved in. We don't have a security system or a dog, so there isn't much to stop you!"

Feminism is a negative word....amirite?

Feminism was originally a positive thing: equal rights for women, but modern day feminism is NOT about equality, not by a longshot. It's unashamedly hateful towards men.
Most self-proclaimed male feminists are "useful idiots".

I support equal rights, and equal opportunities, that's why I don't support third wave feminism.

This is insane. How can someone even do this? Don't you have any civility? How have we, as a society, came to a point where this happens?! I mean, who the fuck thought that mint and chocolate go along?! What did my taste buds ever done to you?!! Seriously. smh

I hate mint. It's like eating tooth paste.

As for a chocolate recipe, make a milkshake with chocolate milk, chocolate ice cream, and chocolate sauce. It's a choco-gasm!

Junk food-it's not good for you!


Men who like skinny women...this is tantamount to how homosexual they might be...

Some guys like thin women, some guys like curvy women, etc.... a guy who's attracted to thin women by definition is not gay.
I'm gay and I can tell you I've never been attracted to thin women, or any women for that matter.

I've seen so many people flat out threaten to shoot the president that I'm surprised every jail in the USA isn't filled beyond capacity. In Canada, a few people made threats against the prime minister within this year, and they all got charged for it.

Normally, threatening the US president is something that is taken VERY seriously... why isn't the government taking it seriously now?

Whether you agree or disagree with Trump or Trudeau, threatening them, especially in public is one of the stupidest things you could say on the internet.

The types of stereos that were popular when I was young are now considered worthless.
The types of stereos that were popular when my parents were young were considered worthless when I was young, but now they're highly sought after.

It happens with a lot of things. For a few years, they're the hot new thing. Then for a couple decades, they're considered to be outdated junk... but then people start gaining interest in them again.

Birds are descendants of dinosaurs, so I'd say dinosaurs taste like poultry. Besides, reptiles tend to taste like chicken.

People have eaten preserved woolly mammoth meat, but they say it tasted rotten and extremely freezer burnt. Even if that was fresh, it would be more like eating an elephant, whatever that would taste like.

You drink the good water...but your plants - and pets... get stuck with tap. Amirite?

Bottled water is the world's greatest scam, especially in a country such as Canada where the tap water is perfectly safe and drinkable. In fact, tap water is nothing more than bottled water from another part of the country. Look on the label, it tells you the source. Most of it comes from various cities and towns in the Rocky Mountains. In fact, there's one brand (I forget which) that makes a lame attempt at hiding the fact that it's nothing more than Calgary tap water (the source is labelled as "Municipal District of Foothills No. 31")

There should be something in place to prevent America from electing to become a facist state.

Anyone who thinks they're living in a fascist state because of Trump needs to learn what fascism actually is.

You are not oppressed, and you are not living under fascism just because your preferred candidate lost.

I wash mine every day as well. I feel dirty if I don't shower every day.