We talk about white privilege and male privelege, but we hardly every talk about right privelege, the fact that lefties live in a world made for right handed people. amirite?

I'm left handed, it never bothered me... being left handed or any of those other things.

Not a "Woe is me" person.

Would you, or not, post this sign in front of your residence?

Right along with a red flashing light on my roof and a sign under it, saying....
"Welcome criminals, mugs, thugs, thieves, killers, robbers, rapists, gang members....take what you need, if I don't have what you need...
please find it in your heart, to not get upset and kill me."

P.S. - The front door keys are in the fake rock, that's sitting on the right side of the door.

dam straight!
@Thinkerbell But surely the elitist progressives in Canada are not (yet) as corrupt and thoroughly dishonest as their...

he is worse then what you had before Trump, not worse then Hilary. but man he is fighting hard for that title. canada has never seen such corruption. or a leader who hates canada and canadians as much as he does

Just innocently waiting for the people he's supposed to meet.
When questioned....later talks about putting his foot on the neck of white supremacy..
Sounds like his plan worked out as expected..

These are the people that keep their boots on someones neck and it's not on the boogie man they make's on the neck of the people, that believe their foolishness..

What is going on with the Romaine lettuce warning? This is the severest warning I've heard about any food. Is Romaine now like with Sprouts, that E. coli is part of Romaine's DNA?

Finally someone agrees with me about kale. lol I hate that stuff.

It's NOT Trump doing the dividing Sparky.
I mean, look at the question you posted!
Was it meant to be warm and inviting to all?

Your rhetoric is chump change compared to the daily lashing served by the Main Stream media who has worked 24/7 for the last couple years to keep Trump haters enraged.

That by the way is why I agree with Trump, that the MSM is an enemy of the country. It makes Senators feel for example like they can publicly demean and defame a Supreme Court Justice candidate, or congress people to publicly harass political opposition - where ever they might find them.

That's not the way civilized people do things Bing.

Now, I don't feel any tension between myself and any of the opposition. They scream and holler call nasty names - and while that is rude and uncalled for, I don't feel any real threat cuz we're pretty anonymous here. You can't really hurt me - but I think unfortunately, if some of you KNEW who I was, where I lived, etc. - well, it wouldn't be the same.

How about you Bing? You feeling any tension?

I don't agree with anything, that Nazis have to say, but free speech is sacred in any good western society, so I don't understand, why more and more "civilized nations" try to silence them. Let them speak. If somebody is silly and simple enough to take the bait, then that simply means, they are quite daft. The same goes with the terrorist groups and pretty much any extremist movement. Speech is free. Believing it has a cost.