There is a >0% chance that the universe could spontaneously end and we would have no idea, amirite?

But if we ceased to exist, how could we know the universe ended?

If USB-C exists, then there's probably a USB-B and USB-A. amirite?

A is your standard rectangle and B is the squarish one for printers

If you count the numbers between 0 and 1, you will never reach 1, amirite?

Zeno is coming to talk to you, but it's taking him a while to get there.

All men are cremated equal. amirite?
@Densefever Depends on your bmi

The ashes are actually your bones. The fat and flesh are all burned off. So it's actually more of a function of the size of your skeleton.

Every toothbrush you've ever owned is still out there. . . somewhere. amirite?
David Byrne is Mr. Rogers if he was smug, amirite?

So it's not his beautiful house but it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood?

To real witches, the Wicked Witch of the West, The Sanderson Sisters, and other such depictions would come across as hideously offensive minstrel show performances. amirite?
One of the more unrealistic depictions of real life in movies is the portrayal of a full breakfast being made and the family sitting down to eat on a work/school day. amirite?

In a perfect world everyone's schedules would line up for this kinda stuff. However, traditional roles are (thankfully) fading into a niche.

At the end of the day, everyone is a hero in their own head. amirite?

Nah I'm definitely a cunt.

You never notice when someone speaks another language with an accent, amirite?

I can't understand their mouth sounds.

If everyone jumped at once, for a brief moment there will be no one on earth, amirite?

Finaly your Mama will have a place to sit without crushing anyone.

The scene in Frozen where Ana punches Hans would never be allowed if the genders were reversed. amirite?

Rapunzle straight up beat a man unconscious (multiple times I think) with a frying pan in Tangled.

If someone is named Jennifer Margaret, their nickname can be JPeg. amirite?

So what becomes of pdf?

dad bods are created in the gym, amirite?
@Cheytuflya What? Dad bods are created by not going to the gym.

so you're saying dadbods are either skinnyfat or just fat with no muscle.

dad bods are created in the gym, amirite?
@Plastic_Island3688 I think they're created in the kitchen but sure.

so you're saying dadbods are either skinnyfat or just fat with no muscle.