It sucks when your horny but you have morals, amirite?

Exactly. Because people that have sex or masturbate are obviously all immoral swine.

guys fall in love with what they want an what they see girls fall in love with what they hear an what they wanna believe Evan if they know he's a players an thats all he will ever be girls wanna think " well maybe just maybe he will change for me ", amirite?
@OK, dumb ass actually I used proper English if your too fucking stupid, to understand English than go back to...

You're, then, and you didn't need a comma in between stupid and to.
Also, why are you commenting anonymously when you didn't in your post?

A jury consists of twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer. amirite?
@TheHacker I would kill myself.

Lol what the fuck! I must have been high when I posted that, because that is completely out of context.

I should kill myself by jumping off the Sydney Harbour Bridge. amirite?

Do it faggot.

In order to save the world, we should all go on MLIA and vote no on all new submissions, amirite?
Listening to an entire album from start to finish is one of the most beautiful things we've lost in the age of technology and itunes, amirite?

I do this all the time. Do people always have their music player on random or something?

I should kill myself by jumping off the Sydney Harbour Bridge. amirite?

Only if you shoot yourself before jumping. With a shotgun. While holding a frag grenade with the pin pulled.

Society is probably the ugliest thing there is. amirite?


And how would that work?

They shouldn't make miniature ''teen'' clothes for little kids. They are for older kids for a reason and you shouldn't be dressing your 5 year old in something like booty shorts. amirite?

My ten-year-old cousin wants to be a teenager. I'm turning seventeen in three weeks and her clothes are sluttier than mine. Her dance moves are better, too, as is her cell phone.
I hate this generation.

You know you're a bad father when you get turned on by your wife giving birth. Amirite?

Good. Now put it back in. Slowly.

The amount of emoticons you use is inversely proportional to how seriously you are taken, amirite?
To get a girl to fall for you, you should trip her, amirite?

Middle school logic at its finest.

Technically, everyone should disagree with this, because if you thought it was good music, you would like it, and therefore that music would be in your taste...its literally impossible for someone to think "you like better music than I like" because if its such good music, doesnt that mean the original person likes it as well?

You're more proud of your posts if they have a lot of comments than if they have a lot of yeah you ares, amirite?
@you need a life

You need a sense of humor.

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