About me.

Hi there.

I've recently changed my name from TheLycanChick, because I didn't realise how stupid that sounded two years ago.

I like a lot of things. I believe that disliking something just because it's mainstream is as stupid as liking it for the same reason. Regarding people:
I don't mind unintelligent people or people with egos; it's those two characteristics together that really bunch my knickers.

I also dislike it when people only comment on the negative.. So I'll stop now. :P

I do like patriotism and pride and shit like that. I like Krüger Otto (Hullabaloo), my fellow South African, who also happens to be fantastic. However, the title of TheLycanLady's Favourite Person in All Existing and Non-Existent Realms and Parallel Universes goes to Christopher Louw (shew), to whom I've recently introduced this site. He's also my beau and the dashing young man in my avatar.

I like fattening things and cycling. And music. Many, many kinds of music. I like to believe that I can appreciate good music, regardless of the genre. I love me some Chemistry, Physics an Biology and I truly wish I could feel the same about Mathematics... but I don't. I'm easily amused and I think puns are the coolest. Fact: At a party, I nearly always wind up outside with some person talking philosophically. Teenage license: revoked. Artsy and mindfucky movi.. I'm rambling. My name is Chrizelle. I live in the West Coast of beautiful South Africa. I ride an giraffe to school (not sexually) and my PC is composed of branches, leaves and elephant shit.

I hope you're having a nice day, and if you're not, watch (500) Days of Summer. : )