Those who are too selfish to give don't deserve to receive.

"If giving is the key to receiving, then I'm changing the locks." -my selfish uncle

I walk on four legs in the morning, two at midday, and three in the evening.

It's a whole lifetime in one day.
Morning is the beginning of life, midday is the middle
Evening represents being near the end. I'd assume night was death.

Peter Parker's spider bite made him Peter Parkour, amirite?

He's quite the... arachnobatic

Ba dum tsss

This is it. The apocalypse is coming. Because in the movies, New York is always the first to go, amirite?
At least once in your life, you've thought about what you would name your band if you had one, amirite?

Tainted Pink
We were gonna be alternative and there were more guys than girls AND the guys chose the name...

Sometimes, you really want to call out someone's grammar mistakes on facebook, but you don't know them well enough for it not to be awkward, amirite?

"I'm having so much déjà vu, am I a physic?"

You're still secretly a tiny bit afraid of thunderstorms, amirite?

It's not a secret. I freak out because my house was struck by lightning three years ago and consequently, storms still terrify me every single time.

Sometimes would rather tear out your brain stem, go to the nearest 4 way intersection, and skip rope with it than continue living like you do now, amirite?

Maybe we should all move to Tentacle Acres

When you were younger, you always believed sour to be the opposite of sweet, amirite?

The OP's username is Spicey I get it

at one point, you were so obsessed with an online game that you dreamed that you were inside the virtual world, amirite?

I had one about Runescape four years ago. Never again.

Also Pokemon but I assume that's normal

It's funny how Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are humans that live under the water, but don't need helmets like Sandy, amirite?

There was a dumb explanation in a newer episode

You know of at least one person whose natural relaxed face seems a bit angry, amirite?

I always look sad apparently.
"are you about to cry? What's wrong?"
"this is just how I look..."

Shows like Good Luck Charlie and Victorious need to stop making references to sex, amirite?

When they did a Breakfast Club episode of Victorious, they changed virgin to vegan but it got the same message across.

"Why don't you tell everyone why you don't eat tacos, Cat... Is it because you're... A VEGAN?!"

If you decide to comment on a post and then see that twenty other people commented the exact same thing, there is no need to comment, amirite?

But really, a lot of people will just comment anyway, maybe they can get a better score.

Putting the prefix 'man' in front of words does not make them masculine, amirite?