If one of your loved ones was wrongly convicted of a felony crime, such as murder, you would go through law school if you were sure you could prove their innocence and save them from prison, amirite?

Wait but if their innocence was so sure why couldn't you just hire a good lawyer?

lost your pen=no pen, no pen=no notes, no notes=no study, no study=fail, fail=no diploma, no diploma=no work, no work=no money, no money=no food, no food=you get skinny, you get skinny=you get ugly, ugly=no love, no love=no marriage, no marriage=no children, no children=alone, alone=depression, depression=sickness, sickness=death. Lesson: Don't lose your pen, you will die, amirite?

You get skinny=ugly? That's not what I've heard

You kind of don't get why people are so sad about Harry Potter ending, it already ended when the last book was written. Yeah the last movie's coming out, but you were way more invested in the books than the movies, amirite?

Pottermore though... there's always pottermore

Some say that when someone licks your elbow, you can't feel it if you didn't know about it. It's hard to experiment these type theories, amirite?
@Welovemuffins Is it hard to do it so that they don't notice?

No not at all. You just have to stand behind them.

It's weird how the 7-Eleven logo doesn't capitalize the last 'n', amirite?

Can never be unseen

Some say that when someone licks your elbow, you can't feel it if you didn't know about it. It's hard to experiment these type theories, amirite?

It's actually really easy to test... you just lick someones elbow when they aren't looking

It would be cool if all babies were just given a number or something at birth to be used until the child was old enough to decide what their name should be. The in-between process could be a little weird though. amirite?

No because then they will choose an awful name when they are young that they will regret.

If you met people on here in real life you'd call them by their username, amirite?

Yya op. If I met you id be like hey anonymous

You wonder how the Dursleys treated Harry as a baby. I mean, you can't really neglect an innocent little child, amirite?

I've always wondered how he got glasses. Like did the Dursley's care enough to get his eyes checked and get a prescription?

Assumption is the mother of all fuckups, amirite?

assuming makes an ass out of you and me... it had to be said

It is kinda weird when a dog gets a human name like Richard or Monica, amirite?

Am I the only person that thought of friends when I saw Richard and Monica?

You have that one friend in your group who no one likes, amirite?

Haha Dane Cook

Some day, your name will be considered an old people name, just like Edith. amirite?

I was just waiting for someone to say that their name is Edith

What is lawl supposed to stand for? Laugh a whole lot? amirite?

Now it stands for that haha lawl

You wonder who watches those "Finding Bigfoot" shows where they go to great feats to follow up incredibly sketchy evidence and always somehow end up having to leave at the key moment: "DUDE! I TOTALLY see the fuzzy grey blob from the picture that hobo gave us! It's behind that tree three feet in front of us! But I just remembered I forgot to feed my cat. Oh well, guess we better head back now."... amirite?

well you seem to know a lot about them...