Half of your genetic makeup came into existence the moment your mother was born. amirite?
One of the more unrealistic depictions of real life in movies is the portrayal of a full breakfast being made and the family sitting down to eat on a work/school day. amirite?
The fire alarm going off is much scarier in a house than an apartment complex, amirite?
@Ajdee6 Trusting people is different than actually hearing the alarm already. It's too late at that point. My point of it...


I trust that the people I live with do not set fires. I do not have that trust for strangers. If I hear a fire alarm where strangers are present, I have more reason to believe there is a fire.

Calling your child "son" is completely normal, but calling your child "daughter" is pretty unusual. amirite?
@Alixkast Depends on the language. In Portuguese is completely fine

Is it less syllables in that language? I think that's probably why.

There could be other intelligent civilizations existing in other galaxies and we could very well be the most advanced of them all. amirite?
Being a bee must be like walking around with a loaded gun with one bullet but it only Kills you, amirite?

That's why they don't snipe ppl if they don't need to.

It has been statistically proven that living increases you lifespan. amirite?
@100% of living people have died

I'm living and I haven't died yet. Should I ask a doctor about this?

Someone somewhere remembers you because you were really weird to them, amirite?

Most people, actually.

You can only choke on ice for so long, amirite?

Then, you start choking on water

Childhood is a free trial to the adult life, amirite?

Oh no.. ultimately you'll pay the price.

Exclamation marks become pointless after using more than 3 at the end of a sentence. amirite?
Anyone can be a star if they're hot enough, amirite?

Or dense enough.


Grandparents want grandchildren for the same reason children want pets: all of the fun and none of the responsibility. amirite?
The movie 2012 wont ever have a remake, amirite?

For some reason that hit hard.

Since women are born with all of the eggs they'll ever have, and your mom contributes half your DNA, half of you is actually actually as old as your mom. amirite?

By the same logic, half of that half is as old as your gran.