Videos of pets taken candidly with smartphones, camcorders, and the like always feel cuter than videos of pets that are high production, regardless of what the pet itself looks like, amirite?

The best part is hearing the voices of owners in the background! After my big guy Steve died, when I finally felt ready to watch videos, our laughing & voices in the background made it not too sad

Most people have never had to go to a shoe store barefoot, yet we all had to get our first pair somehow. amirite?
@Boknows12 How many generations do you think you have to go back before somebody's parents didn't give them any shoes?

That's true. Someone, somewhere wore the first shoes. Or was the first baby to be have shoes put on and thus starting the chain

Monsters Inc. Monsters only target kids rich enough to have their own room and closets, amirite?

There was also a camp bunk room. And of course the iconic "twins! In a bunk bed!"
So maybe they prefer the safety of single kid rooms, but it's not exclusive.

No one wishes you better health and safety than your insurance company. amirite?
For all the millions of years of evolution to the human species, dogs and cats have a way better bum-hole for pooping without need for wiping. amirite?
@Mcgee0 i defo run faster with my asshole exposed.

What about wiping? How does it influence your speed?

Computers have a 100% literacy rate, amirite?

Computers are not literate, they just do what they are programmed to do, most of the time (looking at you microsoft)

For all the millions of years of evolution to the human species, dogs and cats have a way better bum-hole for pooping without need for wiping. amirite?
@Heinerprahm My dog regularly had dry food with a mix of wet food twice a day. His poops were nice nuggets easy to pickup with...

A good probiotic would help if you don't want to change to a healthier diet. Align is expensive af, but it works.

Vegetarians are only seen as militant because we only ever hear from the loud ones, amirite?

My friend, that is the case with EVERY SINGLE political movement.

You can probably build a house with the items people lost and never found again. amirite?

I lost a painting. An entire painting just gone. It was framed and everything! I brought it in from the car, put it down in the hallway, and I've never seen it again.

When you scroll down you're actually moving the screen up, and vice versa, amirite?
@Pheniz21 I don't apply any force to my screen. What are you doing?

He's probably on his phone while you're using a computer.

Taller people face more expensive prices for dressing, food, etc. amirite?
@Boknows12 Well idk our countries height scale but as a person who is 1.87 cm I'm a little above average. Thing is we don't...

Your average height shows as only 5'4". I think something is getting lost in translation. There are sizes for tall people usually 6'2" and above that are sold in separate sections and the prices are higher

In chess, the king never actually dies, amirite?

I'd honestly say technically, no piece dies because you're capturing them. But maybe that's just a technical term and the pieces are brutally slaughtered afterward.

Because of listening to music out of earbuds and headphones on our phones, we do not know what songs the people we live with like to play on repeat. amirite?

Hahahahahaha I know exactly what songs my 6 and 8 year old listen to on repeat.




Baby Shark has more views than there are people on Earth, and it targets a demographic that can't chose what it watches. amirite?
In chess, the king never actually dies, amirite?