The Catholic Diocese of Brownsville Tx owns some of that land on the border. They are barring the government to even come on the land to survey and take core samples. They have a church right on the border that has been there over 150 years. That may be one interesting fight.
Another land owner of a few miles of border land who refuses to sell is a woman in the Walton (WalMart) family. She can afford to fight any eminent domain claim by the government and has sworn to do just that.

If the government is going to have a big fight on their hands to get this land, some private citizen clown trying to do it on his own will get eaten alive.

can we discuss organizations who are not receiving paychecks from the government shutdown?

Israel gets 38 billion, take it from them

can we discuss organizations who are not receiving paychecks from the government shutdown?

At least the farmers aren't getting their farm aid payments. That is one positive aspect of this shutdown.

765 miles. Most of California and a good chunk of Arizona. The parts that don't have a wall in Arizona belong to the Tohono O'odham tribe and is not under government control. In much of the other 1500 miles the land is private property and many of the property owners will not give the land to the government and will fight any imminent domain claim from Trump.


But the ATC are not being paid, so why should they even show up? Do you work for free?


I meaned to said she was being more gooder to me then most wimen. Most call me a pin dick bug f-er


She is being very generous

If they are out of money, they should set up their own GoFundMe account

Nope, not interested, nothing new to hear


Nope, not interested in what I will be telling the nation this evening. I will change my mind as soon as Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter tell me what my position is. There is no way I will watch the response, the other side hates me.

Starbucks is too expensive, amirite?

I've never acquired a taste for coffee. I'll stick to Diet Coke for my caffeine.