About me.

*As of now, I am the head of a group I have created to rival the stupid hippie liberal group, LAPDANCE.
My group is for patriotic redneck bible thumpers who wish to join together and battle the liberal agenda and shit.
It is called Badass Unstoppable 'Merican Fascist Uber-Conservative KKKers, or B.U.M.F.U.C.K. for short.

I am the Republicunt. I enjoy huntin' cuntin' animal shooting' tootin' pootin' bible fuckin' jesus humpin' bumpin pumpkin' nazi lovin' black people hatin' pig fuckin' farmin' barmin' global warmin' steak eatin' slave ownin' soldier respectin' gun shootin' rootin' bootin' tax hatin' obama critizin' and beer.

I love me some of that bible and jesus is my saviour and lord and without him i would be a homosexual
i hate satanfag liberals and faggotsack hippie fuckers fuck you guys GOD HATES COMMUNISM

_iUzaki_ is hot and sexy for a LIBERAL EMO FAG

taxes are for satan worshipping homosexualz!!11 FASCISM FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!11

oink oink, i like to go pig wrestling and listen to country music. i once fucked a pig so hard in the ass it died. i hate peta because animals are homosexual spies for barack-o-bin laden.

i love me some war. soldiers are smarter than doctors, and anyone that likes peace hates god, and god is awesome

i am no redneck of course.