Methinks this site is goin rogue, amirite?
Everyone on amirite is, at heart, a loner, amirite?
Stock market at record levels, unemployment lowest for African Americans in years, not a single war, ISIS practically eliminated, bureaucracy being eliminated, unemployment at an all time low, millions of lives saved by a virus created by an evil communist government because of imposed travel restrictions, vaccine created in record time, solid Supreme Court picks who are super smart, corruption being exposed, jobs returning to US shores, foreign countries no longer taking advantage of the US but President Trump loses to an old establishment bureaucrat with little to no significant accomplishments who didn’t even have a campaign, Something smells rotten, amirite?

Yes because all those positive things deserve down raves.

Justice will prevail when Trump is charged for all his crimes and his potential career is nixed. amirite?

In the middle of stealing an election, you’re talking about justice? You’re joking, right?

The offspring of lesbian couples should be able to add Jr to their identically named children. Boys and girls. For example, Rosie O'Donnell Jr. Amirite?

Misguided and sick.

Trump knows people are dumb. He's just planning his next career with his own TV channel. He doesn't care if everyone is fighting as long as they are interested in him. amirite?

TrumpTV could actually make him far more powerful than president. Seventy three million people simply aren’t going away.

Admit it. The downvotes are more for the blind sheeple that support Trump over Trump himself. amirite?

You tell us. The down raves suspiciously seem to follow you whenever you appear.

Just because you can post a long rant, your crazy rightie view is not more truthful or more convincing. amirite?

Just because you fear truth doesn’t make it crazy.

Rightie sheep go..........Bahhhhhhh! Bahhhhhhhh!!!! amirite?

Your post is only a reflection of yourself since traditionally conservatives are independent thinkers while the leftists usually think like a herd. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just a different thought process. But for you to accuse the right what you yourself do is typical leftist behavior: Accuse others of what you yourself are guilty of. Pathetic.

Dumb Trumper thinks I'm writing these new anon posts today, amirite?

Me thinks you think a little too highly of yourself.

"I could care less" as an expression is useless in conveying how much you care about something, and does not work as an expression. amirite?

If you could care less you would so the expression is actually meaningless.

You have to wonder about grown adults that work so hard to post anti-liberal gibberish all day and all night. Even weirder are the same handful of dipshits that comment to each other with the same regularity. amirite?

Well, don’t look for intellectualism in large crowds.

The Boeing 737 should be banned, just like drop side cribs. Because just like drop side cribs, the odds of death are too great to ignore. And unlike drop side cribs, flaws in a Boeing 737 occasionally cause the loss of over 100 lives per case, amirite?
Trumpanezes are used to lying to get their point across because they know using fact would not work with most. Truth won out because Trump lost. amirite?
You don't understand why any Americans would have a problem with same-sex couples raising children when four founding fathers raised America. amirite?

What kind of a warped mind would even think in such a way to write such stupidity? Seriously.