The left wing media is simply completely at this point concerning the apparent absence of voter fraud, amirite?
Plane/jet engines should have safety barrier fence-like nets on the front to keep foreign objects, mostly birds, from getting sucked into the engine and causing engine failure, a plane/jet crash and the deaths of over 100 people per plane crash, amirite?

Wouldn’t work. Airflow disruption. Engineers have thought about that for a lot of time.

Give it up Rogue. Everyone knows you hate females with a brain. amirite?

Image in content

Just like the way you hate smart black women.

Is easy to be a down-raving sheep. Anyone can do that. It’s much more difficult to comment on that down rave justifying your position, amirite?
You know Progressives are getting it right when angry rwnjs come out and show off their ugly. amirite?

Not angry at all. Just asking basic questions. You apparently are defensive about it? Why?

The mainstream media will turn on Joe Biden in less than a week if it is determined that he won the presidency, amirite?
@Thinkerbell Nah, the MSM will only turn on him if he stops being a good puppet for the left.

I don’t think so. They want Kamalalala Ding Dong in there. Biden is no use to them.

"I could care less" as an expression is useless in conveying how much you care about something, and does not work as an expression. amirite?

If you could care less you would so the expression is actually meaningless.

Rightie sheep go..........Bahhhhhhh! Bahhhhhhhh!!!! amirite?

Your post is only a reflection of yourself since traditionally conservatives are independent thinkers while the leftists usually think like a herd. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just a different thought process. But for you to accuse the right what you yourself do is typical leftist behavior: Accuse others of what you yourself are guilty of. Pathetic.

Just because you can post a long rant, your crazy rightie view is not more truthful or more convincing. amirite?

Just because you fear truth doesn’t make it crazy.

All of us hate one another - it's God's truth, amirite?

Nope. Just progressives hate. You know it’s true.

In Heaven everyone loves one another. In other words, it's a liberal utopia, amirite?

Liberals hate. What are you talking about?

Why is it ALL conservatives feel threatened? amirite?

All? Is this a word you imagine people saying when they never said it at all? For example, I’d bet you’d say Donald Trump said “ALL Mexicans are rapists and bad people. Yes you would. And yes you do. Why? Because it was repeated over and over until you believed it. But Trump never used the word “All.” So thank you for being obsessed with the word. You’re a lightweight at best.

Even at Christmastime, the single-minded, obsessed rogue uncle in your family deserves a modicum of understanding. Give him that much, amirite?

You mean “Holiday” and not “Christmas” because not everyone here celebrates Christmas. How insensitive of you.

Life on Earth explained: love is positive/hope/always positioned forward: hate is negative/forever griping/worshiping the glorious past. amirite?

Sounds kind of new age. Bet you worship crystals.

It's good for teenagers to watch porn. If they're not sure of their orientation, they can masturbate to porn to find whether they're gay, lesbian, bisexual, or straight. They can also find out what types of fetishes they have. amirite?

Apparently you do because you obviously aren’t getting any.