It's almost peculiar that there hasn't been an actual costumed vigilantly yet, amirite?

It’s a virus that primarily dangerous to older people and people with underlying conditions. It’s should be taken seriously because it will potentially kill you however it’s also being exploited by the group of people who proudly exclaimed “Never let a crisis go to waste..” so now we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. I had Covid in April of last year when it was still relatively new. It wasn’t the worst thing however it wasn’t a walk in the park either. Honestly it was actually quite frightening. But the fact that we now have a vaccine thanks to President Trump, the mask wearing thing is starting to wear out its welcome.

Biden's brain has turned to jello (not that it was ever anything to write home about), amirite?
The fact the Rightys here have more of a problem with Bidens mental state than Trump wanting to bang his own daughter... well... it would explain this 🤭, amirite?
@Intown Sure But unlike you, atleast we're dicks that are against wanting to bang your own daughter 🤭

The problem isn’t that Trump claimed he wanted to bang his daughter. The problem is that you didn’t get the joke. Was it the best joke? Eh, probably not. However you just got angry and obsessed over Trump wanting to have sex with his daughter. So in that regard the joke was successful. Now he lives in your head all the time. Looks like the joke is ultimately on you, pal. This is why Trump is actually brilliant. And you just end up angry with smoke coming out of your ears.

If you already believe that an invisible force is looking out for you, it's not that hard for your brain entertain more stuffs. amirite?

Quite a few people believe Joe Biden is looking out for them but he is very visible. So is his senility. So yea, it’s not a stretch to think these same people believe in other fantasies also.

Domino's could put literally anything in their pizzas and we wouldn't notice the difference, amirite?

Maybe some 10W40 motor oil might make it taste better but it would look about the same.

White men have been the oppressors of women , children and people of color long past recorded history..but it took until the year 2019 to finally offend a white man, amirite?
With States like Georgia and now Florida effectively making voting more difficult for black people than for non-black people, if Blue States were to respond by effectively making voting less difficult for black people than for non-black people, the Country already politically divided would become more divided than ever before since slavery. Permanent Red States and permanent Blue States, amirite?

Do you honestly believe the crap you just wrote?

Everyone was expecting to see fascism wrapped in an American flag and carrying a cross when it arrived on America’s shores so it came to a shock to everyone when it actually did arrive, it was wrapped in filthy and corrupt leftist politics, Amirite?

Sorry you lost one.

We're still waiting on SimmeringFrog to post a currently elected Democrat who has stated that they want to kill their opponents.. 🤭, amirite?
If all States effectively make voting more/less difficult for black people than for non-black people, the Country might as well change the political party colors from Blue & Red to Black & White, amirite?

How do states make it difficult specifically for black people to vote?

I'm gonna keep track. It's now Day 1 of SimmingerFrog not providing a recently elected democrat who advocates the execution of living human beings simply because they disagree with their political beliefs. DAY 1, amirite?

I answered. You’d be better off just playing with yourself.

Close Encounters of the third kind is one of Spielberg's most overrated and watered down pieces of garbage. amirite?

One of the greatest cinema experiences of all time and just six months after Star Wars. If you see it as a film about man's search for God and not so much a search about aliens, it takes on a much deeper meaning. It's Spielberg's most religious movie from the "Let there be light" opening sequence to the Christ like imagery when Richard Dreyfuss is carried by the aliens. This means something! Hell yes it does! It's a movie about man's search for something bigger than himself. Image in content

The Amriite community is still waiting on SimmeringFrog to come up with a recently elected Democrat who advocating killing opponents.. Every day he stalls is proof that conservatives are crazier. amirite?
We're still waiting on SimmeringFrog to post a currently elected Democrat who has stated that they want to kill their opponents.. 🤭, amirite?

We? What group specifically do you claim to speak for here?