Donald Trump is the best president ever, amirite?

DandyDon, does the way the votes are counted in Amirite seem suspicious to you? Any conservative leaning question automatically gets negative counts.

I guess you’re actually right. It’s an honor to get a thumbs down. Didn’t think of it like that. Thank you.

There could be aliens existing right next to us that we aren’t capable of perceiving because we don’t have the senses to detect them, amirite?

Watcha smoking?

The offspring of lesbian couples should be able to add Jr to their identically named children. Boys and girls. For example, Rosie O'Donnell Jr. Amirite?

Misguided and sick.

Nobody wants to spar with the simmering Rogue, amirite?

True. It’s because facts always trump feelings.

It's easy to bait a rightie, amirite?

You apparently think you’re a lot more influential than you are.

I’m not understanding the down votes on this site. I saw a very neutral question that had more than 50 negative votes and it made no sense.

There are only two types of films, those with a Wilhelm scream and those without. amirite?

The Wilhelm scream is distracting and takes you out of the movie.

The repugs have...
ignored their own pandemic so they can attend rallies...
Let senior citizens die to prove there was a no pandemic....
Let their beloved state burn to prove there's no climate change....
And voted for a molester in hopes he dies so they can finally have Mike Pence, amirite?

Our own pandemic? I thought it originated in China. Dude, you’re just dumb.

All the Trump supporting assholes should get the virus and die. The country will be much better off without these brainless morons. amirite?

This question shows the character, or lack thereof, of the poster. Nice job, Einstein.

It's hypocritical when Democrats accuse Republicans of racism and division, considering that Democrats are the party that gave us the KKK, Jim Crow laws, poll taxes, segregation, the Confederacy, and a pro-slavery platform, amirite?
@The early democrats and early republicans were essentially flipped back in their early days; the early democrats...

That is a complete and absolute lie! The Republican Party started as the party of anti slavery. Your post is a total historical lie. Try telling the truth for once. It’s a lot easier to be consistent. You have no honor, dude. Image in content

Obama is insecure about his manhood when sitting next to a real president, amirite?
That plastic bag you just threw away will have the last laugh, you're dead and forgotten before it even starts to degrade. amirite?

I bet the same person who gives human attributes to a plastic bag has no problem with legalized abortion.

We live in a generation of emotionally weak men and emotionally confused women. amirite?

The problem is the 1960s radicals who are now the establishment are teaching women that they’re men and they’re teaching men to be passive feminine wimps.

Starbucks are a weird social experiment thats failing, amirite?

Some of the blandest hoity toity pompous Apple computer using, Prius driving losers hang out in Starbucks trying to look smart but they just paid $5.00 for a crappy tasting 50 cent cup of coffee so who’s the actual dummy?