About me.

HERRO!! =] Just a warning I've stolen some people's wallz virginity so be careful =] (15)

Previous Name(s): Grawrness

My name is Nobodies concern because people are to immature to handle it.
I'm 17, I'm Italian, I play soccer (duh), Grr Math >:(, Art is fun :D, I like girls, Hopefully girls like me ;) I like friends, you could be one :p

To my friends who are already my friends, I salute you, you're awesome :)


Fail Whale (: for when you have those really messed up fuck ups

If you like to RP online then you'll love this site. I'm on it all the time because the people are friendly and I can be creative as much as I can.


It's a hero/Villain based rpg online that uses forums. If you're interested come in and tell them Grawrness sent you.