It will be quite difficult to make country borders on Mars so there maybe a chance that there will world peace, amirite?

Borders are a nature outcome of the screw you thats mine principal.

A mile is not that far away to spot something. amirite?
A mile is not that far away to spot something. amirite?
A mile is not that far away to spot something. amirite?
People use the word hot to describe spicy foods despite its intended definition. amirite?
There is an anatomical reason why Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl were compatible, amirite?
With the non-cash payments nowadays you won't find a forgotten 50$ bill in your winter jacket... amirite?
@teknogreek Why not? We still use cash on occasion.

Yeah, of course we do, hopefully we are gonna use cash in the future as well to have these nice little surprises out of the pockets:)

Since we only live one reality and can't go back, everything we live can be defined as "Destiny" since there are no other outcomes. amirite?

Nope, that's not how science or "destiny" works. Your Future is in your hands, not destiny's.

If a surgeon left a penny in your brain he gave you some sense. amirite?

Sounds like some Dr. Death stuff

Dinosaurs are an advanced race that has technology far more advanced ours because they have been living here for millions of years, considering the technology we developed in about 2000 years in comparison to theirs, amirite?
@jishuah The dinosaurs didn't develop any technology. Also they all died so....

Dinosaurs are still alive today, every bird is an avian theropod also known under the clade Aves

A broken branch in a family tree is simply an adopted family member, amirite?
Every man that saw medusa literally got hard, amirite?

But it lasted for more than four hours

You'd think some predators would've evolved a hunting strategy of enjoyably petting, stroking, tickling etc. their prey to lower their guard. amirite?
@Idk about you but I don't hunt and kill my pets

Hunt? They don't expect me to hatch their skeleton on the spot

It's fascinating that people grow to be claustrophobic given where they spend the first 9 months of existence. amirite?

Maybe that's why they're claustrophobic

Harry killed his relative, amirite?

Lol deathly "hollows".