In the world, 13 in 10 people don't know how to count. amirite?

8 out of 7 people would agree with this.

It's fascinating that people grow to be claustrophobic given where they spend the first 9 months of existence. amirite?

Maybe that's why they're claustrophobic

Every man that saw medusa literally got hard, amirite?

But it lasted for more than four hours

Every day from 9/10/19 to 9/19/19 is a palindrome, amirite?
Since we only live one reality and can't go back, everything we live can be defined as "Destiny" since there are no other outcomes. amirite?

Nope, that's not how science or "destiny" works. Your Future is in your hands, not destiny's.

People use the word hot to describe spicy foods despite its intended definition. amirite?
A majority of our interactions involve staring at two round objects, amirite?

I tend to stare at these two flaps moving towards each other and then parting ways again...over and over and over. What's that all about?

In the Harry Potter universe there are probably hundreds of different spells designed for sex, amirite?
Saying "hundreds of hundreds" is the same as saying "tens of thousands". amirite?
Saying "hundreds of hundreds" is the same as saying "tens of thousands". amirite?
@No it's not

Here's an explanation. If you have one of a hundred, you have 100. If you have 2 hundreds, you have 200. If you have 7 hundreds, you have 700. So if you have a hundred hundreds, you have 10,000. So saying you have hundreds of hundreds of something is the same as saying you have 10,000s of something (tens of thousands).

Electricity isn't used directly, amirite?
@contextrip They convert electricty to light and kinetic energy

The computer itself does. Although arguably electricity already is just kinetic energy since it's the motion of electrons.

Harry killed his relative, amirite?

Lol deathly "hollows".

With the non-cash payments nowadays you won't find a forgotten 50$ bill in your winter jacket... amirite?
@teknogreek Why not? We still use cash on occasion.

Yeah, of course we do, hopefully we are gonna use cash in the future as well to have these nice little surprises out of the pockets:)

There are probably many famous people who make throwaway accounts to talk about their personal issues. amirite?

Who are u really

A broken branch in a family tree is simply an adopted family member, amirite?