About me.

Im a dude, I think that you should message me, it would be rather bitchin

^That used to be my Bio, but now that I'm home sick I will write a more inclusive one.
-I live in California.

-I don't feel I am like other guys because I care about women more than other guys appear to, I will not be a dick to my girl friend. ever.

-I really hate typing these lists without having a "Spellcheck" meaning I have to do it myself.

-I'm 15 and about 6'2" so it is safe to assume I will grow taller than you.

-My favorite sport is Water Polo, of which I play 4 days every week.

-Don't say Water Polo is gay because you are in a Speedo. I will find you.

-I employ dangerous amounts of procrastination on school work.