About me.

Hello! This is thethinker, obviously! I welcome you to my... ummm... profile? :)

My real name is Regina and I'm from California! PST FTW!!! I love tropical, beach destinations and my dream vacation would probably be warm and sunny! ( And preferably with minimal bugs! No offense to them or anything...) However, winter is my favorite season. I LOVE the rain. y smilie

I love reading, music, movies, friends, eating (yes, I admit it. I LIKE TO EAT ) and amirite.net (Yes, that was a little corny!) I am very messy and I like days when there is nothing to do and I can just laze around all day. I get absolutely all my energy from chocolate and tea and am somewhat-- no, I AM-- nocturnal. I am also a pyromaniac and have burned myself multiple times trying to get my finger as close to a candle flame as possible. I try to be funny, but, as you may have noticed, I'm not really. I thrive off the internet, and would probably die without it. How shallow, I know.

I generally try to be a nice person, and I usually am. However, if you piss me off, I will have no choice but to release my wrath! mwuhahah! But seriously though...d smilie

I don't think there is anything else to say... so... thanks for reading!

P.S. I also love to use exclamation points (!), parentheses (()) and ellipses (...) !!! (If you haven't noticed...) :) Enjoy!

Feel free to leave me a message!

Check out my cousin! Her username is Phobia.
and my brother : Nsw11

Some really super awesome,amazing, funny, cool people:

Hanna is super awesome and is obsessed with Neon Trees.
Rocky doesn't know what to say.
Cat gave me aids and is my trolling buddy.
Will is h smilieella black. He's my identical twin.
Voldy is super pretty without even trying.
Kristen is a little piggr
Taja is the best poet ever (especially when hyped up on Mountain Dew). Here is a poem she made about Geoff and I:

There once was a girl named Regina
Everything she did was obscene-a
Geoff gave her a hug
She gave him a "tug"
& left him with a mess to clean-a

On that note, Geoff is also really awesome and cool. The poem is a true story. lol
Here's the proof: http://ctrlv.in/5676
notjustanothergirl deserves a kiss
Conor's American accent sounds like a hillbilly, but that only adds to his sexiness.
Nikki is the bird whisperer.
Aramina lives in the FATTEST CITY IN THE WORLD. no lie.
Ryan is the most awesome person on here and is the most amazing singer ever.
Carter is my brother and we are bunk bed mates. However, he beats me and breaks my ribs, but we are going to suicide together.
Jami is my loving adoptive mother and she loves you.
Bobby felt special because he wasn't in anyone's bio. HAHA o_O :P
Lyss gave me herpes and the bumps are in the shape of a heart.
Paigan has a really pretty name, with a pretty face to match. We made out.
Not on here? Leave a message and I'll see what I can do! l smilie

P.P.S. If you actually read this super long profile word for word, you deserve a kiss.

And yes, although you may find this shocking, people ACTUALLY bother to pretend to like me!