About me.

Haha. You actually think I'm providing information but all I'm really doing is typing a bunch of random words that you feel obligated to read no matter how annoying it gets. AH! Still reading, I see......oh? Oh? Nope, still reading....

Okay, here's some things about me.

I hate Grammar Nazis (even though I am one myself, I won't act upon it unless I know you. Then I consider it a joke.)

Repost Nazis tick me off to points you can't imagine.

I can do things you'd never think any normal human could. And that's because I'm not a normal person. I'm unique.

ShadowCrystal is one of my best friends in real life.

I don't tolerate crap and will lash out in ways that will make you sad for a loooong time.

Have fun with that,