You were mortified when you learned Kidz Bop came out with a Beatles album, amirite?
Rap isn't music. It's a guy talking about how hot his girlfriend is, with a beat in the background, amirite?

Try listening to Eminem...most of his songs are about serious stuff, not about hoes and humorous stuff...though he does include humorous rap quite a bit in his earlier songs...that Slim Shady alter-ego has died down a LOT since his first album, after which his songs are far more serious and meaningful..

Some songs should just leave the cuss words because sometimes it just throws the song off, amirite?

Song example: F--kin Perfect by P!nk or Tonight I'm F-cking you (aka Tonight I'm Loving you) by Enrique Iglesias...

You've always wondered where the characters on Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry keep their dynamite, amirite?

With Taio Cruz. How else could he get it?

It would be really hard to convince people that it actually was your birthday if you were born on April 1st, amirite?

This happened to a student of my teacher's. It was her birthday and the teacher did not believe her. The scene was rather ugly..

You've had at least one moment when the world suddenly seems to be tilting, amirite?

Yes, when you stop spinning around in circles for 5 minutes

You felt like a boss the first time you figured out how to take a screenshot on your computer, amirite?

As the Lonely Island put it: TAKE A SCREENSHOT (LIKE A BOSS) :)

Sometimes when you buy a really good song and you're listening to it, you think gee that was the best $1.29 investment I ever made!! amirite?

For some reason, I feel 1.29 can be a bit too much for a might be just me, but I think 99 cents is fairer for a song..but I'm not a head record executive..I may be wrong and I might be the only one feeling this way..but just saying.

People don't know the difference between someone who can't sing and someone who's voice they don't like, amirite?
@Your_Stalker And I'm going to go ahead and say this, with the sense of negative comments in the near future. Justin Beiber. I...

SO TRUE. I am not a fan of Justin Bieber..but only because I don't like his songs. He's got talent. A lot of people say that (eg..the Backstreet Boys) even established artists. He has got a good voice in his songs. I'm not a fan of his music but the dude's got talent.

It's awesome when bands can revive old hits from long ago and make them really bad ass, amirite?
Sometimes you wonder whether not Aaron Carter got the Candy he wanted, amirite?
@Sex_With_A_Snail Whatever happened to him?

Aaron Carter? Isn't he releasing a new album soon?

It's only a matter of time until a group of oversensitive people accuse Pokemon Black/White of being racist because of its name, amirite?
Sheesh. I don't like racism at ALL, far from it. I HATE it. But seriously, isn't that taking it a bit too far? It's just a name. Black and White do not have to deal with skin colors!

sudoku is only fun until you get super pissed, amirite?

So it's fun for about...5 minutes?

Wearing a dress makes any girl feel feminine... and the occasional guy too, amirite?

I think in the OMG music video by Usher was wearing a skirt..

You know at least one person who is super skinny, but can eat more than anyone else you know, amirite?

The character "Buster" from the TV show "Arthur" comes to mind.