Every good song has one dumb line: Firework-"Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?", Grenade-"Your eyes were open, why were they open?", amirite?

What you don't include, is that in Firework by Katy Perry, the full line is "Do you ever feel, like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind, wanting to start again". That does have some meaning. It means you want to start over and try to have another shot.

Winnie the Pooh is a bear, correct? If he's a bear why don't they call him Winnie the bear? What the hell is a Pooh? amirite?

The story behind it is that once, Edward bear(his original name) got stuck in a beehive and came crashing down(or something like that), and his face and his nose hurt so much, as did his paws, but he couldnt scratch his nose because his paws hurt, so he had to blow up, and the sound came like "pooh!". and that is why he is called pooh. I think that's the story..could be wrong though.

It's only a matter of time until a group of oversensitive people accuse Pokemon Black/White of being racist because of its name, amirite?
Sheesh. I don't like racism at ALL, far from it. I HATE it. But seriously, isn't that taking it a bit too far? It's just a name. Black and White do not have to deal with skin colors!

Sometimes you're listening to a song and you think to yourself "really? What did this person do, just pick a bunch of words that rhyme and call it a song? This sucks", amirite?

an example of this is the song Look at me Now by Chris Brown and Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes....

People don't know the difference between someone who can't sing and someone who's voice they don't like, amirite?
@Your_Stalker And I'm going to go ahead and say this, with the sense of negative comments in the near future. Justin Beiber. I...

SO TRUE. I am not a fan of Justin Bieber..but only because I don't like his songs. He's got talent. A lot of people say that (eg..the Backstreet Boys) even established artists. He has got a good voice in his songs. I'm not a fan of his music but the dude's got talent.

Without interenet, our computers are just big mp3 players, amirite?
@SexyMonkey No one does that anymore.

Most albums still have more cds sold than digital copies. And there are still CD singles released.

Its kind of funny how a music genre is associated with a race, when in fact, some of the best artists in that genre are usually not from that race. amirite?

What I'm trying to say here, people, is that race does NOT matter when creating good music.

A good way to get over the death of a loved one is to go camping, amirite?

WTF this is DUMB

Sometimes when you buy a really good song and you're listening to it, you think gee that was the best $1.29 investment I ever made!! amirite?

For some reason, I feel 1.29 can be a bit too much for a might be just me, but I think 99 cents is fairer for a song..but I'm not a head record executive..I may be wrong and I might be the only one feeling this way..but just saying.

Rap isn't music. It's a guy talking about how hot his girlfriend is, with a beat in the background, amirite?

Try listening to Eminem...most of his songs are about serious stuff, not about hoes and humorous stuff...though he does include humorous rap quite a bit in his earlier songs...that Slim Shady alter-ego has died down a LOT since his first album, after which his songs are far more serious and meaningful..

There's one song that you just love that is completely opposite from what you usually listen to, Amirite?

Yea, so true. Normally, I hate rap, but the song Love the Way you Lie is really good.

There is almost always a member of a band that is under-appreciated, amirite?
@Retooser I kind of feel sorry for them. Paramore turned into "The Hayley Williams Show," and they became even more...

Paramore was basically Hayley Williams solo, and the rest of the band would basically back her up with instruments and create the backing track. Can't blame Josh and Zac Farro for leaving Paramore..

Some songs should just leave the cuss words because sometimes it just throws the song off, amirite?

Song example: F--kin Perfect by P!nk or Tonight I'm F-cking you (aka Tonight I'm Loving you) by Enrique Iglesias...

<span style="display:none;">Your username is awesome, amirite?</span>
if ( currentUserUsername ) { t="Your username is "+currentUserUsername;}
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</script>, amirite?

hahaha nice man

Sometimes you wonder whether not Aaron Carter got the Candy he wanted, amirite?
@Sex_With_A_Snail Whatever happened to him?

Aaron Carter? Isn't he releasing a new album soon?