About me.

Formerly 'OhMyTicTac' & back after a 4-year hiatus.

Haven't been on this site since it was
back when every post had "amirite?" at the end and it was a much larger community until our dreams & ambitions were translated into currency & the site was sold to new admin. One of the originals..

I work for Microsoft Xbox 😁

Much has changed. Ask about me 🙄💜🙂👑

This was the first post created after New Admin bought the site, as a test of the level of bs they would allow to be posted to the homepage. He was trolling, but then...

But here are a few of my favorite posts/comment sections from my time here on amirite. Some were clever, some profound, & some were downright offensive. But at the end of the day, everyone had a little laugh & didn't take anything too seriously. This site ran on sarcasm, but you guys are so literal nowadays nme smilie

Loosen up a bit & have a little fun on here l smilie

See if you can read through all the comments! hehe smilie

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