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Starbucks pricing logic: 1 cent per each calorie, amirite?

If you wait more than 15 minutes in the drive thru, you get a zero calorie drink?!

Vegetarianism should be a personal choice, not a campaign, amirite?
The Hunger Games movie is being blown way out of proportion, amirite?

So... Who saw the Hunger Games at midnight?

Even though is sounds like a bad idea....we would all go see Inception 2 if they made one...or maybe that's their idea... amirite?
@iWeasley Dammit Leonardo, get out of my dreams.

Hey, I'm not complaining about Leonardo diCaprio being in my dreams ;)

If all men are created equal, how come homosexuals get a bunch of their rights taken away? amirite?
@scrantoncity It's not a law, though, now is it? Secondly, tell me how drugs hurt someone else.

You mentioned drugs as being a harm in the first place so Kluklayu has no reason to uphold your statement. Also it would seem you're just sinking so you're trying to switch to a debate that you are more familiar with, drugs.

People are stupid to bitch about facebook. Yes, people post on each others walls and excessivly on pictures and posts, but get over it or get the fuck off facebook, amirite?

Okay I know a couple of people who average 30 posts a day and they're all stupid such as "eating toast", "rollin a fatty wit mah boys yolo", "brb", etc. They deserve to be bitched out.

It is fun. Not as amazing as it sounds, but still fun.
It's surprisingly a lot more fun with pixey sticks.

Making fun of vegitarians isn't cool, they're actually trying something and each of them feel good about it. You just sound like an asshole, amirite?
@Ohhhnap Vegetarian: 1. a person who does not eat or does not believe in eating meat, fish, fowl, or, in some cases, any...

There's a difference between a dictionary definition and a real world definition. You may be vegetarian by Merriam, but in the real world you wouldn't be considered so. You would be considered someone who doesn't like meat.

Answer me this: if unborn babies are aren't actually alive, then they're dead. And something that's dead can't become alive and live for 50+ years, amirite?

Ah, those just sound so familiar.. x]

New Zealand is to Australia what Canada is to the US, amirite?
I respect your pro life views, but think about it. If abortion were made illegal, women would just seek other ways for an abortion. Unsafe ways that could harm them. If they're extremely desperate they'd just go somewhere else where it was legal. Making it illegal doesn't stop it, amirite?
@heysoulsister If you convince more women to be pro-life and keep their kid, there will be less women in need of abortion...

You're convincing them by taking away the option to do what they wish with their body...

And either way, PACKERS WON!!!!!

If all men are created equal, how come homosexuals get a bunch of their rights taken away? amirite?
@Reality Drugs can cause someone to do things they are not aware of during the time they are high or wasted. Drunk driving...

But drugs aren't hurting the cashier, the gun is. The act of doing drugs is a self regarding action that does not infringe on another's autonomy. It could be argued that something you smoke (our friend mary Jane) could infringe on someone's rights though it'd be hard to uphold. This is pretty much the same reason alcohol is legal, because drinking doesn't hurt anyone and it's a sled regarding action, it's the drunk driving that hurts someone.


You really did make the post unclear. You didn't give any hint at homosexuality being the topic.


What's the app called? I can't find it