About me.

I believe everything happens for a reason.
I have an ipod so i dance in public ;)
I see the world though brown eyes.
I have no religion because I don't have much time to waste.
I love dirtbiking and always have since I was four.
I swear more than a drunken sailor.
I wish on 11:11 and still cross my fingers for good luck.
I can make bad decisions and awkward situations very frequently.
I make my layouts and i will only make you one if i really like you :)
I am constantly listening to music.
I have over 700 songs on my ipod.
I am of those people that can go from being really quiet to being really loud.
I hate eggs.
I like the taste of certain toothpastes.
I dont know what my bloodtype is.
I was born in Sacramento, California.
I live in Sacramento, California.
Online dating is a joke.
I hate Prez Obama.
I like Facebook more than MySpace.
I am me.
I think Eminem is a fucking genius(and hot).
I am the youngest of my family.
I like to type.
Idk what else to say.