It would be hilarious if you were to bring a bolt to an amusement park, get on a rollercoaster, and, when the ride starts, hold up the bolt and say, "Wait...where did this come from?" amirite?

Bring a dead body.
"Wait, where did this come from?"

Girls, you may have your period, but you also get consecutive orgasms that don't make a mess, and the entire world doesn't have to know when you're horny. Count your blessings, amirite?

Who the fuck cares? Girls have periods, guys have boners. I'm sick of everyone arguing (especially girls) about how they have the shitty end of life. Both genders have crap to go through, and both need to stfu about it and deal with it like a big kid. That's life.

It's annoying how everyone is putting Amanda Todd on such a high pedestal and treating her like some kind of hero. It seems like people don't understand that she is the one that started all of this and could have dealt with it better than the way she did, amirite?

People are literally calling her a hero. It's so disgusting to me. It's true, nobody deserves to be bullied, but that's fucking life isn't it? You'll get bullied. If you don't want to get bullied, then grow the fuck up and get the fuck over it. She showed tits to some sick people, and they ruined her life. But, as some people have said, she wasn't willing to deal with the consequences. Not only that, I'm fairly sure she made it worse by the way she reacted to the bullying. She made a matures decision that she was so obviously not mature enough to deal with. Killing herself was selfish and poorly thought out. She is not 'brave' for what she did. Nor is she a 'hero'. Great fucking post OP. y smilie

someone should take a picture of their firstborn and use age progression software to find out what he will look like at age 16. then frame the picture and keep it up as a centerpiece in the house. when they are 16, and he realizes the picture is of himself, try to convince him hes a time traveler. amirite?

That seems like an awful lot of trouble to go through. Why don't you just go forward in time, and ask for a REAL picture of your 16-year-old son??

It would be hilarious if you were to bring a bolt to an amusement park, get on a rollercoaster, and, when the ride starts, hold up the bolt and say, "Wait...where did this come from?" amirite?

Send every single user a pumpkin. I demand it.

Girls: Your bf should be the most important thing ever, amirite?

Polar the bear is so smart.

Whenever your horse playing around, and you accidentally hurt someone and they start screaming, you're just like "shutup shutup shutup", amirite?

Whenever I rape someone, and they start screaming, I'm just like "shut up shut up shut up!".

In the end, girls really just want one thing from guys, all of our hoodies, amirite?

I feel safer when cocooned in man-musk.

wearing pj's and/or sweats out of your home is ridiculous, please take some time out of your day to put on clothes that actually make you look like a presentable person instead of someone who has given up on life, amirite?
@Janae17 I completely agree with this post. Take some pride in yourself because if you leave the house in pajamas/sweats you...

Actually, I'm pretty positive I feel just as confident in sweats as I do in jeans. YOU need to cut the shit that you have to look good 24-7. Some people don't have time for that. And if a potential boyfriend/girlfriend judges you based on the fact you're wearing sweats, they sound like a shitty person, and not worth dating. You are the epitome of judging a book by its cover. And I laugh. LOL.

if were in a bad economy mostly because of money, why haven't the officials just printed more money, its only paper. amirite?
A lot of people who go to college come back noticeably chubbier. amirite?

I believe that is called The Freshman Fifteen.

Girls: there is some really random things about guys you find sexy. For example: I think a guy jumping a wall is sexy, amirite?
Girls: You wish you were fat so you could have big boobs, amirite?

Fat and obese are not the same.

There was a rumor at your elementary school that the hot dogs were rubber or that the school milk didn't come from cows, amirite?

In first grade,this kid named Matt told me that the cheese on those square pizzas, was actually old people skin. And, the bodies of the old people were kept under the stage, in the cafeteria. There were a whole bunch of little doors for storing costumes and chairs, so I totally believed that shit.