Ah. Your "I did it" and " i finished" posts make a lot more sense now.

Driving on a lonely country road can be some of the best therapy out there

Yes but it can be so annoying in the USA. A straight road into the distance with nothing as far as the eye can see... except a 55mph speed limit sign!

If you are gay or dont plan to have kids, you dont need to recycle, amirite?

Gay people have adopt kids.

Venice is flooding...if it was caused by climate change everywhere else would flood as well, amirite?

Venice is one of the most low lying cities so of course it's more susceptible to flooding from a rising sea level than other places.

All pro sports should now be decided by videogames... Sorry kids the pros will play themselves, we know tom brady now plays for Tampa but he hasnt picked a contract for if hes plays xbox or playstation, amirite?

"never of"


The Niagara Falls would be a far more spectacular tourist attraction if they made it one entire waterfall over the entire cliff, amirite?

"Far more popular". As if it's not popular enough already?

Your allowed to go to a gay club with aids..but not covid, amirite?

You don't spread aids just by being around people...

Scientifically speaking, we are insanely lucky to exist... and have internet. amirite?

This is quite lovely and positive.

Nowadays people are probably more afraid of losing their phones than losing their wallets. amirite?

With Apple Pay and Google Pay for some people their phone is their wallet

@Toounknown The point is always lost to the puncuation nazis

Weren't you being a "spelling nazi" in your original post though?

After writing that I realised you probably meant amirite vs am I right! I just misunderstood

People talk about which hand is their dominant one, but no one has ever said anything about which side of your mouth you use to chew. amirite?

I usually chew with the right side of my mouth because the left teeth are more sensitive

Unpopular opinion here but Shazam is just a copy of Superman who is stupid and bland Amirite?

Shazam like the app for identifying songs?

Covid 19 deaths per day still has not passed cancer, amirite?
Burger King is the best Burger chain Amirite?

In n Out Burger is best!