Bayley is considered hot because of her rear end, amirite?

Who is Bayley?

Money is an anti depressant, amirite?
We entertain cats with laser pointers for our own entertainment, amirite?

No sometimes my cat is being annoying so I do it to distract her, not for my entertainment but for my sanity.

The people who lived in BC must have been terrified as to what the years were counting down to, amirite?

Funny, but that's of course now how the years worked then

August is the only month that's also an adjective, amirite?

I've never heard anything described as August

If you are gay or dont plan to have kids, you dont need to recycle, amirite?

Gay people have adopt kids.

We all deserve to be millionaires but we cant all be CEO of a company, amirite?

Why not? You could start your own company.

Fans are super quiet considering they have spinning blades and a motor. amirite?

My fan is loud and annoying

Your allowed to go to a gay club with aids..but not covid, amirite?

You don't spread aids just by being around people...

We only wear gloves /mittens in winter but we wear socks all year round, amirite?

You wear socks a lot less in summer if you live somewhere hot

Nowadays people are probably more afraid of losing their phones than losing their wallets. amirite?

With Apple Pay and Google Pay for some people their phone is their wallet

You hate that feeling of nervousness or guilt, when you aren't nervous about anything or guilty of anything (anything bad at least), amirite?

That's called anxiety!

Adam Shitt is a piece of Shif, amirite?

Who is that?

One could be talking to himself all day in a headset while gaming and no one would know, amirite?

Sometimes while working I put headphones in and forget to play any music. But I like having the headphones in anyway.

The Niagara Falls would be a far more spectacular tourist attraction if they made it one entire waterfall over the entire cliff, amirite?

"Far more popular". As if it's not popular enough already?