When did it become so difficult to adopt a dog? Who are these people that decide who can or cannot adopt? Are not their standards WAY too high? I get it, when it comes to having to be careful, because of unethical people, but personal questions, calling your veterinarians. If you did not fix all your dogs, you are not even given a chance. Never mind if you have proven in many ways that you can be a good owner. I am retired, have a home, fenced yard, lots of time to spend and love a dog, but they have branded me! You are left with breeders or Craigslist. Countless others like me out there also. amirite?

I had this same experience! You always hear you should go to the shelter and volunteer or adopt and animal. But in reality they are overrun with people trying to volunteer and if you want to adopt you have to get on a list and jump through their hoops and hope they deem you worthy.

The only way to know how to end suffering is to experience and master suffering. amirite?

This is pretty much a summary of the book "the subtle art of not giving a fuck"

The most effective job for mute person is of a librarian. amirite?
@Nope. Google maps transportation driver

Like the person that does Street View? Or do you mean an Uber driver?

Pooping became a leisurely activity with the invention of smart phones, amirite?

Where do you think I’m reading this ;)

each president faces impeachment after 8 years, amirite?

Nice try but impeachment means something specific not just reaching the end of your term.

The mouth has hair grow around it because it too can be a sexual organ. amirite?

Why would you want hair around your sexual organs specifically?

Record high temperatures do not facter in the Jurassic period or before, amirite?

Yes that's why it's called record high. It's the highest since we've been able to record to the temperature.

The rise in wealth of the C-level is probably directly linked to the rising sea level, amirite?

What does the C-level mean? I thought C-level student but idk

The most effective job for mute person is of a librarian. amirite?

They need to know if their shushing is loud enough

If you change a broken law the people who wrote the law are then criminals, amirite?

I dont understand. Why would they be?

Seems to me a product or service coined "The" would do well seeing as how every time you heard or read the word the you'd think of it. amirite?

Nobody would know what you're talking about it you just said "the"

Sumo wrestlers are not athletes, amirite?
Sad but true not many english words end with a j, amirite?

Why is this sad?

The concept of cheating in relationships will need to be revisited once human cloning is commonplace. amirite?

You should watch Living With Yourself on Netflix it covers exactly this!