About me.

My name is Tim, my age is unknown. I traveled the universe for thousands of years in search of planet Earth. I was in search of this inferior planet because it is the only planet that has crack. My home planet is planet Colesterol, which is far beyond Uranus. I live in Antartica, and travel to America quite often to get supplies such as crack, hookers, weed, meth, and Scooby Doo coloring books. Those are my favorite. My main goal in life is to slay all of humanity. I did, in fact, invent music. So anybody that plays music is just copying me. The first time I played music was 2345839 years ago. I played music by streching the intestines of a dinosaur across the grand canyon and strumming them, much like a modern guitar. I love to rape, pillage, smoke crack, and hang out by preschools to pick up chicks. That's about it I suppose.