About me.

My name is Elizabeth but I\'ve been going by Lili for 6 years. The only reason I haven\'t legally changed it is because my great grandmother (who I\'m named after) just recently passed away. I\'m 18 and a mommy. My daughter just turned a year old on Decmember 30th. This may be a website for opinions but I don\'t really care what you think about me being a young mother. I\'m also from IA/IL. I do all my posting from the mobile version, so if things are misspelled I\'m very sorry. I am also addicted to WoW and if you can\'t handle that then I guess it just wasn\'t meant to be.
I used to go by the name Tiraestris but I forgot my password. >.< So I have a new account.

I\'m a snotty, judgemental bitch and all I\'m good for is changing diapers. To the girl who wrote that on my profile: Thanks for understanding me so well. Enjoy your life dear.

Go watch, Sonny Moore is a beast.