abortion > teen pregnancy, amirite?
It's amazing how Taylor Swift managed to convince millions of ugly girls she's just like them. 'She wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts' "Hey man, wanna date that hot blonde chick who plays guitar?" "No way, she wears SNEAKERS." Amirite?

I was gonna ask: When did she get hot? She looks so freaking fake, very plasticy.

If a gay teen commits suicide, it's a national tragedy. But if a soldier dies, it's a short segment on the news, amirite?
@Amish_Allosaurus So soldiers are less important that fagot queers? I would be more upset if 1 soldier died than if 10,000 gay kids...

Bitch, first you're not God so stop pretending that you have the right to judge people. Second I think they are both terrible things and they both deserve recongintion but a soldier goes in with the knowledge of what they are getting themselves into.

Dudes, before you make her too angry, remember, females have more experience cleaning up blood stains, amirite?

I told my fiancé this all he had to say is "Girls are nasty."

At least one of your body parts is a nonexistant size. Like a 5 in jeans, a medium and a half shirt, or a 7 3/4 quarters shoe. amirite?
@amotion For sure. Girls' pants are just a mess.

I'd rather just wear regulars and not worry about my ankles getting cold.

You have the most amazing sleep after staying up for 24 hours, amirite?

I dunno, but it pissed me off. So I went and read highdeas.

It's a shame that Scrantoncity left amirite. Now who's going to fight the power of L.A.P.D.A.N.C.E with me? amirite?

I miss Scranton even though he was a close minded ass. I wish he'd come back.

I love HighDEAs, they have the funniest and most profound shit on there.

Schrodinger's cat is dead, amirite?

No 'nigga'.

Coloring is really fun for like 5 minutes, then you see how much more of the picture is left to color and it's practically torture finishing, amirite?

I like coloring. It's decently relaxing.

You have some nicknames that only family is allowed to call you, amirite?

I love that movie, it's super cute. I can't wait for my daughter to watch it. I hope she likes it as much as she like Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Schrodinger's cat is dead, amirite?

Do you have all rights reserved? If not get over it.

If we were allowed to block people on this site, I have a feeling the creeper "th3don" would have to talk to himself. amirite?
Girls: You sometimes have that really paranoid moment where you walk into a public restroom and wonder if you walked into the boys' restroom, even though you know there's a big difference between the two. amirite?