I'm through with being impressed by talented children, amirite?
@Tldfonat I think it's better to leave them in their normal year and just let them grow into incredibly talented...

I had a kid in a class I taught when I was a PhD student and he was nice but so entirely unable to connect with people that I felt bad for him. He'd come to my office hours (which coincided with lunch hours) just to eat with someone. He had no one who really shared similar interests with him. I kept thinking that this kid needed to be with other nerdy kids his age.

What I find happens with them is they get a BSc but aren't really employable, so they go and earn an MSc and then a PhD and then work in industry on the R&D side of the house. They aren't really fit to teach; they aren't really fit to conduct academic research, so they wind-up in industry, often with no route into leadership.

Honestly, it sounds terrible.

We've never received an definitive answer on the origin or whereabouts of Cotton-eyed Joe. amirite?
@monsterallergies There is, actually. The early versions of the song include the lyric "Tuck my gal away fum me, Carried her off...

Probably a coal mine because the miners would come out completely covered in coal with you only being able to make out their eyes.

Water is molten ice, amirite?

Yep - it's lava. Just with a different melting point to other minerals.

We segregate human sports based on gender but dog sports based on size, amirite?

Yeah no one cares about making sure female dogs have the chance to compete. I don't think they mind either.

I miss ‘bad' weed, amirite?

I been making spliffs for this same reason. The smoking part of it is fun!

Salt is the only rock that is socially acceptable to eat, amirite?

They're minerals, Marie!

The only word autocorrect consistently corrects correctly is the word autocorrect. amirite?

No, autocorrect correct hardcore port at 0:00 best

Eggs are actually dairy. amirite?

Legs are actually hairy.

People are always trying to breed spicier peppers, but never colder mint leaves, amirite?
@NeutralPheede Beans could deal wind damage

Not exactly the same thing, unless you eat farts. No judgment.

The Easter Bunny is proof that our western society is cool with holidays having an animal as its main mascot. Yet, we only have one of those. amirite?

Groundhog day

If you count the numbers between 0 and 1, you will never reach 1, amirite?

Count what? real numbers are uncountable and there are no integer to count between 0 and 1

The hummingbird is the smallest dinosaur. amirite?

They should use the hummingbird sounds as dinosaurs' voice

Gas station pumps that play loud commercials are dangerous and annoying, amirite?
Making machines more human like is a downgrade of machines. amirite?
Gamers complaining about casuals are the problem, not casual players themselves, amirite?
@Mytokhondria The problem isn't people liking what I like it's people that worm their way in don't like it have never liked it...

F yeah! This person gets it.

Yeah like the game not being for that person, but then this person wanting the game to revolve around them. It's not for you! You don't have to like it! It's not for you! That's ok! It doesn't have to be for you!🤦 these people.