About me.

It is hard to write profile information, amirite?

I am-
Crazy, Zany, Creative, Judgemental, Opinionated, Athletic, Funny, Shy, Intelligent, Happy, Optimistic, Artistic

I like- Harry Potter, Pendragon, Maximum Ride, Fanfiction, Movies, Hotdogs, String Cheese, Pretzel Sticks, Music,

I like to-
Write, Act, Dance, Sing, Laugh, Talk, Sleep, Learn, Read, Swim, Play Volleyball, Create, Destroy, Explode, Eat

I can-
Lick my elbow, Write a story, Solve a problem, Draw a picture, Ace a serve, Homepage my post, Read a book a day, Convince a person, Do a cartwheel, Ride a bike, Speak French

I am not-
Calm, Thoughtful, Careful, Gentle, Wise, Tall, Pessimistic, Jealous, Jumpy, Hurtful

I don't like- Twilight, Liars, Improper grammar, Spicy food, Bubble gum, Football

I don't like to-
Run, Wait, Shop, Fail, Fall

I cannot-
Shoot a freethrow, Eat an entire pizza alone, Sleep in total darkness, Be in silence long, Pretend to be someone I'm not, Do a flip, Dive off the Highdive

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