About me.

Just a tomboy with an appetite for sci fi, beer, theme parks, sex and most of all good old fashioned all American fun!

My life and ambitions.

To be all that I can be is my goal, Amateur roller girl, hoping to one day go "pro" (as far as that term goes in the derby world) sci fi writer of somewhat controversial stories.

A brief history of my life.

I played sports, I got into fights, I won, I lost, I drank I traveled I had fun I had sadness. Janet is Right 88% of the time in reality, the trolls don't count :)

The things I could never live without.

Roller Skates, My car, Computer, Food, Water, Air, and XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS! (the basics!)

My favourite books, TV, music, movies and food.

Xena, Beast Wars, Star Trek, Star Wars, Inside Out, Jurassic Park Series, Enders Game, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Lord of the Rings, Hobbit, Hunger Games, Divergent, Martian Chronicles, Hitchhikers guide, And more!

The coolest places I've visited.

Pikes Peak, Oslo, Disney parks, Nashville, Finnmark, Bergen, Paris, Strasburg Railroad, Northlandz, Mystic, Salem, Carlsbad Caverns, Garden of the Gods, Taos, Los Angeles, San Francisco, NYC, Lake George

In my free time I like to...

Skate, Travel, Play games, write....a lot I like writing, play football

Favourite Quotes

I'll get ya some soon Too vast to pick one or two.

You should send me a message if you..

Think Tomboys are cool, Like Sci fi, Don't hate bi girls, Like adventure, Like passion, hate rape, Hate sexism, Love peace and caring, Love theme parks, love Roller Derby

You SHALL NOT message me if
-You are a so called "Male Rights Activist"
-You are looking for sexy pics
-You want to get my info/skype
-you are here about the dead hamster in the count chocula box (I SAID I WAS SORRY!!)
-You're name is dirtyholelicker or some weird thing
-You are scouting for porn
-You are here to judge me

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It's Complicated

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