I miss emo :(

also hate droopy clothes its tight t-shirts or naked boys!

I miss emo :(
I miss emo :(
@Sunny_the_skeptic Beards are unavoidable part of men unfortunately, they grow non stop. Perhaps you should stick to girls?

Im ok with stubble and a bit of peach fuzz i mean thats hot and manly but like those thick beards people have now that make them look like gas station workers from the 70s are so unappealing. I guess its just too scrubby for me. It makes me think of the hipsters in my college who never showered and always smelled like pee

Guys: If Obama came up to you and randomly dapped you up and said "what's good ma nigga?"...you wouldn't know how to reply. amirite?
Guys: If Obama came up to you and randomly dapped you up and said "what's good ma nigga?"...you wouldn't know how to reply. amirite?

Yeah I'd be like what....... and assume he had some ecstasy or something but I'd still party with him.

If Trump is innocent why is he so afraid of any probe. Also why does he blatantly dodge questions about Putin. Also why is he sweating so much. Why is he acting like he's hiding something.

Am I living in bizarro world? how is this not so obvious. He's Putin's stooge.

@Budwick BELIEVERS od the Old Testament know that God doesn't make mistakes.

That is if you believe god to be a corporial being with a beard.....which is kinda dumb. Any such being would be so complex our minds would not grasp it. Thus a mistake could be a cosmic phenomenon that through our eyes occurs naturally


it very well could!

What 3-word statement can never, ever be true?
@Bruno56 I know nothing.

hahahaha the Jamacian security guy at walmart here always says that. His answer to like everything is I donno Nothing!

How far do you have to drive to see farms?

I love nature and the beauty of open spaces is not something you easily feel here in cramped trash littered house piled rockland coutny where houses of hasidic families are all jammed up against eachother between hills and moutains and rocks

Carrie for the derranged lol

I like Hard Candy too

Question: How do Mgtows (men going their own way) hope to accomplish by doing the thing women always wanted them to do: stop asking them out?
@LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred mgtoes?

basically men who think they can taunt women by not having sex with them even though no one wanted to have sex with them anyway

What's the craziest drug you ever tried?

I dunno Its between the melting ceiling fan of LSD the dancing african paintings of Salvia and the derranged mumbling of dramamine

I miss emo :(

emos were hot then everyone cut their sexy hair and grew hideous beards ughhhh beards and janet dont mix

wait you're seriously talking about becoming a dictatorship is this where the country is going