People look better in uniform. Amirite?

That also goes for my football pads fetish

SMASH EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Actually quite the opposite Trump has become such a self mockery and embarrassment that what he does is speaking for itself.

Where do you Live? (region)

But California someday...

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Smiling feels nice...So, let's light up the place a little, shall we? Put something that makes you laugh, please :D

Typical Scene Kid/Millenial school presentation on the Bay of Pigs fiasco

"Ok guys so I'm gonna rap with you about the Bay Of Pigs.

So like lets start at the beginin' cuz thats totes a good place tah begin! So like there was this rad guy named John F Kennedy and he and the united states "Kigh-uh" [CIA] Got this stuff that cuba was getting more intelligent than the United States. That was totes UN-COOL with us obvi so we like came up with this Amazeballs idea. It's so Amazeballs that it almost is as good as a bleeding spleen concert but not quite.

So like Mr. Kennedy drove down to Cuba and like planned this whole operation! He was all like "Omg betches we're gonna go steal their pigs from their farms" cuz Cuba is known for that I guess, "And like we're gonna like find a boat in the Bay, GEEEYOOOWANNNTAAANAAAMOE bay, and then like we're gonna throw the pigs into the ocean for freedom!" So like he takes his friends like Robert and Gump and Marylin Monroe and they all dress up like indians because Cuba also has a lot of those apparently, and like he...wait...yeah.... so like he totes climbs this big big battleship which musta been totes hard with all those piggies! and like he like gets on top of the like ship and when he gets there he's met with a big bunch of Bees! there's 26 bees to be sure! I dee Kay how they like totes counted them all they musta been all totes bored from the climbing. But the Beez had bombs somhow and they dropped them all over the bay!! They had to swat all the bees and when all the bees retreted they were met face to face with

FIDDLE CASTROIL!! The PRESIDENT of CUBA!!! HE was all totes like "Going somewhere JAY EFFING KAY??? And Kennedy was all like "yeah We're gonna throw your smelly ass pigs off this smelly ass boat and you're totes gonna be like sooooo mad!!" And he was all "I'M TOTES LIKE SOOO MAD!!" and then they had to fight with Grenades. And after all the grenades exploded President Casteroil was all like "You are crazy!! like totes loco!!" cuz he was Spanish, and Kennedy was all like "No I'm Amazeballs! Here's your piggehs!!" and he threw teh piggehs at him and he was all pissed and probably got all dirty cuz pigs can be totes like gross obvi and this was a totes redick thing to do to someone tee bee aych... and like then FYI This happened in like 1950 so like they didn't have planes yet or whatever or like they did but they had like propellers and if you dropped bombs from them like it'd be all weird and like stupid so like Then President Caster was all totes mad right? So like he was getting aggro and he grabbed Marilyn Monroe and said stuff like "MUAHAHAHA I'm gonna kill your bestie if you like totes throw one more Piggeh off dis boat savvy?" and like JFK was all like "Oh no I'll do what you say I can't let you hurt my BFF" cuz like bffs are not supposed to stab you in the back RIGHT CRYSTAL??? Anywhos, Like then JKF put down his pig tosser and put his hands up but Castrate did not let go of Marion Monroe!! No!! HE totes just kept squeazing her and groping her tits LIKE A LOSER!! And like it's cuz he could never get laid unless he tied up girls.

So anywho, like Someone had to save Maryanne Moraeu cuz like he was soooo gonna fuck up her new totes adorbs dress and thats totes not radd so like Robert was like "hey kidd! You're a betch!! You gonna lyke die and stuff cuz u cant shoot me and JK at the same time! So he like ran away with Marilyn and went into a car and they had to chase him and they chased him to Granadia where they make the grenades I guess, and lyke they ...........Oh guys come on this the best part!! This is totes amazeballs! So like He drove with Marilyn to this cliff and was gonna throw her off or dump her out his door but like I don't think thats possible. So like then like his brakes broke and his car fell off the cliff!! and like he was all mad like FUCK MY CAR MAN!! and She was all like eww your grody and gag me with a spoon! cuz they said that back then and like so JFK had to take one shot cuz he only had ONE bullet left! But it was cuz hippies banned most bullets cuz they were anti war even though Castradon was totally evil, and so he only had a few so, so like he aimed and Shot but missed and Castadon was all like "That was so totes random! Like you nega hit me!! That was Amazeballs...FOR ME!!" but then the ground started shaking and the piece of the cliff fell off with him and he was all like "CURSES FOILED AGAIN!!" So they grabbed Marilyn and Robert and like they took the boat they were all like gonna toss the piggehs offa and they were all a hot mess but they won!! and they drove back to the USA and were freed from the Soh-Vietnam Union!

And in conclusion the moral of this history lesson, What I learned, Is that you have to stick with your friends no matter what! That it's totes important not to be a loserface and be like betch we done!"

Unregistered votes shouldn't count on this site.

Image in content unregistered votes don't count for anything. We should at least have the option to ban them from our questions

Okay, how did all these SH people even find their way here?

Well, You see timmy, sometimes a website does a thing that's not always on the level. But the thing about that is that you have to know when to walk away. Fortunately that website made that choice for us. I found my way here through friends. IT was probably Serenity with her huge network of friends who started the chain reaction

So psyched DB (disagree bandit) finally got to me. Please, no one agree. Mr DB, I want at least 100 disagrees by noon. If you can't make that happen, you might as well hang your head in shame. In the good-old-days I could get that many disagrees in an hour from real members without trying.

oh the knob shlobber who's been following me around got to you now?you should be honored

So like....what's your middle name?

JANET JANET YOU ARE THE BEST!! JANET JANET YOU BEAT ALL THE REST!! JANET JANET I KNOW YOU DOMINATE ME OOOHHHH WOOOAHHH ok lol thats not a real song but it should be! Jane says is a real song though. So is Jolene. But I dont feel like actually looking them up right now because my computer's being a dick

One day I AM SOOOOOO going to drive a steam matter what!

I ALWAYS WANTED TO!!! And there is a way to do so!! a program in Connecticut!

Girls have girl-crushes and guys have bromance.

I knew it everyone is bi!!

HAVE you ridden on a steam powered train?

I LOVE STEAM ENGINES!!! Ill post some pics so you guys can see where i've been but i'm not home right now im at a party

Name something brittle.

Well I had a trainset as a kid and I saw some layouts in Pennsylvania that really made me want to make my own little town but It wasnt until 2015 that I was finally able to. I looked him up and wow what amazing models! Definately gonna check out more.

I have met a guy in Flemmington nj who built a huge layout called Northlandz that really is a bunch of huge mountains inside a building with several rooms for different areas and I bought one of his actual trains that used to run on it.

I've been really into watching vids of Walt Disney and his friends and their models lately. They eventually got to owning their own old plantation trains, one of which I saw in strasburg PA a place I hope to visit soon again.

I don't really care as long as they still loved me