The Summit Meeting has begun, and as usual Trump is sucking up to Putin. Trump looks very uncomfortable, bragging about good relations with Russia and not saying one thing about the election meddling, even trashing America and going against our intelligence agencies. Why doesn't he want anyone else in the room, we can only guess.

This meeting was.....Disgusting. To say the least. Buddy buddy time with the biggest scumbag in the world. To be honest, I'd rather see bombs on the kremlin than diplomacy and that's the first time I'd ever say that about any country. The only reason it'd suck is the nukes thing. Too bad we don't have a way to neutralize their nukes. I think the best way to go about it would be to team up with other nations to just tell this prick no you can't just do whatever the fuck you want and get away with it.

What do you have no desire to do?

Kill anything I can barely even swat flies without feeling bad. Though I would defend myself intensely if attacked

ASHLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

no I'm a sexual liberal fucking is fucking awesome fuckers

In what fashion do you like to sleep? I found an article online . It started with do you wear pajamas and drifted into how couples do better sleeping naked. I am single but my sister and her husband sleep in separate rooms . I know it isn't good, they turn off phones and will have no communications after 8pm. in order to be together if they...[Show All] sleep together they wouldn't feel so stingy with their time. ---So what do you do before bed? put on clothing or take it off? [Show Less]

depends on temperature otherwise i sleep in comfortable sports clothes baggy clothes crop tops underwear, sometimes a hoodie if its freakin freezing sometimes nude since I only sleep alone or with my girlfriend


Sir if you don't like my posts.....don't click on them. or you know there's a little button on my profile that says block. Then you don't have to see me at all!


With all do respect to the mods here, it seems progress on this issue has been relatively slow, but It may just be that it's hard to keep track of all the socks this person or group has made. But you know there is a tag on here for posting opinions called "suggestions for amirite" and my previous post on this matter was indeed a suggestion that they remove the anon feature as it causes way more trouble than it's worth. It was a good try but sometimes features just don't work out.


All I'm doing is saying in my own idiom that I'm stronger than trolls and that freedom of speech will continue to be exercised by me despite any harassment of any form. I don't wish to start drama I wish to end it in a way that doesn't suck.


I really hate when I have to block people I really like giving people every last chance I can to have a civil debate. I disagree with people like budwick and freeranger etc but they are civil and sane individuals who I can find common ground with. This particular individual or individuals I'd hate to think are ACTUALLY mentally unstable but the signs are there. But to be honest it's kinda fun making them desperate by calmly responding. We'll see what happens.


I'm not the one stalking me throughout every single social media page I own from youtube to deviantart obsessively and irrelevantly posting from 20 different accounts

Like The fact tha we had a black president

Def not trump haha. I'd say TIE UP!! or tied i guess. as in tie me up please

What is your definition of a Troll?

Someone who goes on the internet to act like they stop maturing at age 12. expect them to find penis jokes funny or repetition which is what all little kids love.

Would you like a murals in your house?
@AliceD Taskforce antitroll :) Yeah, I really enjoy a decent troll, it seems they just have no imagination anymore.

there were people so desperate they troll rollercoaster tycoon's openrct multiplayer server like really ROLLER COASTER TYCOON?? yeah you're really leaving your mark on a community of theme park enthusiasts and people who like to see crashes :P