Because I saw a girl that was hot....then I saw a guy that was hot....that's really all there is to it. To me the concept of being attracted to one gender is hard to grasp ironically lol from this perspective its like impossible to imagine.

To me both guys and girls can be tough hot sexy strong i equate sexiness (beyond looks) with comitment to things and how hard you try so an image of a hot girl with muscles working out or a studly football player running evokes the same feelings

ok so new here was wondering how many sodaheads are here ? if any ?

I was the one who was kicked off for bs reasons and then got back at the people who slighted me by pretending to be a conservative then changing the questions I posted to say horrible things (you couldn't unagree on there)

I downvote all the time Its not a personal attack I'm disagreeing with the statement Not punching the person in the face

ok so new here was wondering how many sodaheads are here ? if any ?
She is out of surgery and is doing good.
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ok so new here was wondering how many sodaheads are here ? if any ?
@Carla You rascal, you...

lol yeah I was trueamericanpatriot something idr but it was funny to screencap it all and now it's in my collection of internet "take thats" lol

What's your favorite breed of dog?

Golden Retreivers are like the supermodel of dogs except not sexy and a dog

i love em...but kangaroos make me sneeze but I still love them!! Aus animals can be so adorable.....if they aren't you know.....deadly

AWW LP! I sensed something was troubling you! Good luck girl!

One day I AM SOOOOOO going to drive a steam matter what!

I ALWAYS WANTED TO!!! And there is a way to do so!! a program in Connecticut!

I don't really care as long as they still loved me

Can you come up with a sentence with the word "romp" in it...

We Romped through forests when willows weep, yet yonder lie are bodies sleep

When I was being sexually assaulted I thought I was gonna be killed so I destroyed everything around me leaving the room a superfund site basically and got the fuck out as soon as I could

"The most powerful position is on your knees" -A sexually submissive fetishist

I'm not kidding that's what all lifestyle BDSM enthusiasts say