A HUGE chunk of bullshit and disresepectful to the families

Which song would you dedicate to someone and who would it be?

Gone away by the offspring to my father and deceased girlfriend. Maybe in another life I can find you there, Pulled away before your time I can't deal its so unfair and it feeels yeah it feels like heaven is so far away

What is Trump replacing Obamacare with?

I'm 27 years old smartass.

But this leads me back to my original question...







Conservatives are like:

Sucking the corporate cock in hopes of getting that money shot

A badass girl is more badass than a badass guy because she has to overcome twice the hurtles

Unlike you who comments anonymously for some reason. fuckin pussy. I'm sure you thumbs upped your own comment too.

I need to put a halt on current events because it's just upsetting me, has there ever been anything that's happened in the news that really REALLY bothered you? How did it make you feel and why?
@JerryHendrickson Tell that to our pansy ass government. They talk tough and worry more about political correctness than victory...

I don't know why liberals defend these sexist homophobic pieces of garbage. Bill Maher stood up to that and Ben Aflick (yeah I don't know how to spell it bite me spellcheck) was all like "oooh nooo that's mean!!" and I just don't get it. I really don't. Why do our "beloved" corporations build theme parks in Dubai which is located in a nation where rape victims are punished for allowing themselves to be raped. We let religions get away with so much bullshit because of being culturally tolerant, and the only side that stands against them is the side that's almost exactly like them! gay-bashing, war-mongering, religious freaking, and sexist. I'm very disenchanted

It is appalling how easy it is for violent wife beating, ranting, isis supporting people are allowed to buy assault rifles. That's like allowing someone who just got out of rehab to buy medical marijuana, and obtain morphine.
@Maze Gay shaming now?

running out of things to say?

I'm so much more of a beyotch under Republican governments. Does your outlook on the nation change at all when people you hate most run your country?

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It is gonna be a shit world I promise you 99.999 percent.

It is appalling how easy it is for violent wife beating, ranting, isis supporting people are allowed to buy assault rifles. That's like allowing someone who just got out of rehab to buy medical marijuana, and obtain morphine.

Nobody needs these damn things. We don't live in an action movie, and in real life the army could smash a civilian uprising 1-2-3. Hell we already smashed a civilian uprising known today as the Watts Riots. Before that we smashed one calling itself the confederacey. That worked out quite well for them, as a slave based economy was doomed to failure. I feel like people just want to see anarchy so they can live like a zombie movie and look badass in camo and bandanas. Piss on all of that! I don't want to live my life in a world where everyone's pointing guns at eachother in order to hold the peace. That's not peace that's a standoff, one that will result in death. So why? Just WHY are background checks so bad? WHY do we want the abusive and the mentally unsound to carry arms? Why do we want suspected terrorists to easily buy weapons? Why is George Zimmerman hailed as a hero as he waves his gun in his wife's face like the pig he is? OR Clive Bundy the racist sack of shit? I don't have the answers to that. Maybe we inhaled too much pollution?

Adolf Hitler Proclaimed To The German People "Deutschland, Deutschland Überall". Trump Proclaimed To The American People "From This Day Forward, It's Going To Be Only America First. America First". How Is Trump's "Vision" For The United States Any Different Than Hitler's Vision Was For Germany?

Trump is literally bad at everything, Every day I'm proven more and more true.

And the only thing conservatives do is complain about the rioters because that's literally the only thing they have a right to. "Yeah but the rioters though bro"

US will prioritize Christian refugees. So they just need to pretend to be Christian, just like republicans.
Should Journalists be locked up for saying negative things about Trump?

Now they're gonna come here and be like "you guys are just haters man hating hatey hate haters broski!! You hattah!! U jes hatin cuz u jelooose!" because they have no real comebacks to this. the Right wing has become a cult

The republican party is the party of family values. So it makes little sense that it's being headed by a man who condoned grabbing women by their genitalia, amirite?

And all those divorces and saying he wants to fuck his daughter...oh wait that could be a FAMILY value