They should really make a Pokémon game where you start off in Kanto and you have to work your way through all the regions. The game would be long, but it would be really cool. amirite?
@This is a great idea, but very difficult to implement. How would level pacing work through the regions? Would you...

Probably put your Pokemon into a giant computer where you keep all your past Pokemon and you start from scratch with a new starter from the new region.
Then, at the end, when you've beaten all the regions, there would be a new region with Pokemon from all the regions at higher levels to battle and a lot of trainers with all different types of Pokemon to battle. There could be a battle zone where you can rent Pokemon or use your own. The possibilities are endless

It shouldn't be counted as an instrument if it's a piece of software, amirite?
Hi, I'm Johnny Knoxville and this is called 'a bunch of high people doing something they will regret later', amirite?

Hi I'm Ryan Dunn and this is called drunk driving

You know you're a nerd when you've read about more kisses than you've had, amirite?

You know you're fat when you've eaten more kisses than you've had

Its annoying when your posting posts on amirite, and then realize you have to study for 2 upcoming SUPER IMPORTANT tests for the next day, amirite?

It sucks when you're posting stuff on Amirite and you don't know the difference between your and you're

There are probably some users that Anthony doesn't like, amirite?

People like you devalue this site. You pick fights for no reason. Maybe people like how she posts pictures of cats. I for one like them and follow her because of her cat pictures because they brighten my day because they are very funny.

Stop being an asshole and let people be who they are on this site. You said this site is about sharing your ideas and whatnot. This website is also supposed to be funny. She is sharing her idea of funny in pictures of cats.

We could all use some fairly oddparents. amirite?

What if we DID have fairy godparents and our memories were just erased
hmm smilie

We should find out if we have Amirite? neighbors. Comment with a state. Comments on comments will be cities/towns. Subsequent comments will be districts, streets, etc. amirite?

I'm from nassau!

MyFavvkesProblems: Ran out of cat pictures

If you were a wizard, you would totally make a killing curse called "TIME TO DIE, BITCH!", amirite?

takes notes

@MrRite Dear god. You'd be able to know who the next president was long before anyone else, bet and win loads of cash on...

or you could see the post of the days before they are the post of the days and steal them and post them as your own. That is real power

Its Funny How In Scary Movies When People Are Running Through Neighborhoods Screaming, No One Ever Comes Out of Their Homes To Help. amirite?
@idesiree Because i Like iiT Get Over iiT And Quit Bein So Retarded Jeez.

There is a thing called a reply button. Learn how to use it

When you're watching Ridiculousness there's always someone that has to ruin the episode by saying "meh, i already saw that on tosh.o", amirite?

Ridiculousness is a complete rip-off of tosh.o.

You don't have time to make a salad, amirite?


When life gives you Lemons, just rearrange the letters to Melons, amirite?

When life gives you melons, you're probably dyslexic