@Lexii The only problem is, what if they come back here?

They will be too busy getting thrown out of walmart

Joseph Kony. Unable to capture him yet are able to take a perfect HD photo of him, amirite?

Waldo, meet your competition

They should really make a Pokémon game where you start off in Kanto and you have to work your way through all the regions. The game would be long, but it would be really cool. amirite?
@This is a great idea, but very difficult to implement. How would level pacing work through the regions? Would you...

Probably put your Pokemon into a giant computer where you keep all your past Pokemon and you start from scratch with a new starter from the new region.
Then, at the end, when you've beaten all the regions, there would be a new region with Pokemon from all the regions at higher levels to battle and a lot of trainers with all different types of Pokemon to battle. There could be a battle zone where you can rent Pokemon or use your own. The possibilities are endless

Abbreviations make everything cool, amirite?

( Your argument is invalid. This abbreviation does not make this sentence look cool at all)

MyFavvkesProblems: Ran out of cat pictures

There are probably some users that Anthony doesn't like, amirite?

People like you devalue this site. You pick fights for no reason. Maybe people like how she posts pictures of cats. I for one like them and follow her because of her cat pictures because they brighten my day because they are very funny.

Stop being an asshole and let people be who they are on this site. You said this site is about sharing your ideas and whatnot. This website is also supposed to be funny. She is sharing her idea of funny in pictures of cats.

We could all use some fairly oddparents. amirite?

What if we DID have fairy godparents and our memories were just erased
hmm smilie

In Harry Potter, if Voldemort had made his horcruxes like a grain of sand or a blade of grass, he would have truly been invincible, because there would be no way of knowing what to look for, amirite?

Make a Nokia phone a horcrux. That shit can't be destroyed

If you think about it, any movie title could sound sexual, amirite?
@The Pokemon Movie? I wonder...

Well, you know. People are throwing balls everywhere.

When your crush says "K" don't be sad, be glad. every kiss begins with k, amirite?

True. But on weekends, more kisses start with roofies

How the hell did the guys who climbed Mt. Everest ever get down? amirite?
@Serg But if it's Chuck Norris, he just jumps down.

No. He would round-house kick the shit out of Mt. Everest to a point where it is on ground level and then just go and get himself a burrito

There are too many users with Voldemort in their username, amirite?

Bitch please

If you were a wizard, you would totally make a killing curse called "TIME TO DIE, BITCH!", amirite?

takes notes

You have an average score of at least +300, amirite?


It shouldn't be counted as an instrument if it's a piece of software, amirite?