Dude came to my house and casually said he used my tooth brush....i now keep mine in my bedroom

Join the War of Ideas : Vote

I feel like if the party you vote for does criminal things in office , thats make u just as responsible because they represent "you"...i also think all politicians are criminals ...so no i would never particiapate in the pageantry of these con-men

Join the War of Ideas : Vote
@unknowns are really annoying too.

Fuck off ...quit hiding behind the righteous anon

Instead of raising minimum wages lets lower the excessively payed jobs, amirite?
@Let's start with the smelly cheese in the white house.

Any body who cashes a check in government is making decisions for the betterment of themselves...they are all crooks

You've noticed that all arguments against gay marriage that don't reference some holy book also apply to straight marriage, amirite?
There are more waves at the beach then grains of sand, amirite?

If we worked together we could solve any problem

You need to look up the word misandrist but not misogynist, amirite?

I say negetive looks better

If we have learned anything from the impechment trials , it is that the goverment doesnt care what the american people think, amirite?

I bet u never wanna leave school

You could say cars are todays slaves too.. Or microwaves...or charger cords

CLIMATE CHANGE is NORMAL! the alarmists have always lied, for the last century they have been claiming doomsday in 10 years, well thats ten decades of "world will end in ten years if we don;t stop oil" well one day they will be right right? why are humans so STUPID to not see the lie by now? amirite?
@Anonymousmouse or maybe Greta has brainwashed you too much you can;t think with a critical brain, you can only march to the UN...

I dont understant the why people dislike this young girl who is leraning about the real world along with us...her story is the story of innocence lost ...where money trumps common scence...its gotta be hard for tjis little girl to experience the corruption of the world we live in... I hope she turns vilolent and really makes a difference

Record high temperatures do not facter in the Jurassic period or before, amirite?
@Timeprofessional Yes that's why it's called record high. It's the highest since we've been able to record to the temperature.

Ahh...good point but we can record temp through fossils....snow melting is a record of melting ice

The word Marine comes form the Latin word for sea and is used when talking about he sea (like how marine biology is the study of sea life ) but the Navy is the branch of the military that is most often associated with the sea, not the Marines, amirite?

If we are confused of their duties our military is succeeding...however we have different branches incase one goes rouge and disbands from the country...if tjis happens we would still have a military to combat our rebel branch...also we have to meet a quota of non american soldiers just incase they need to quell american citizens ...this is because american born people might have trouble killing other americans but the non native aspect of our military would have no problem killing american citizens.

Why are people hating on Greta, the plane was still gonna take that flight with or without the pilot , greta has been said to have a form of austim but i thinks shes fine ...its everyone else, amirite?
@Anonymousmouse whats wrong is she was raised by climate change alarmists, she is just a puppet

But she is making a positive change... If climate change or pollution evolution or whatever the next buzz word is fake or not, carbon emissions must be lowered. It takes a childs uncorrupt look at the world to see the obvious problems, thats why adults are hating on her.. because the solution is simple adults are just too lazy to give up their precious gas guzzlers