Pollution evolution is real, amirite?
When your boss is a robot you will finally understand Rage Against the Machine, amirite?
@Clinton Mind going into detail?

I refuse to totally dissect RAGE here... But it was a pun about being literal

There's only one reason to not call for witnesses and documents in the impeachment trial. To conceal the truth, amirite?

If the system elected this man it proves it was already corrupted... Quit blaiming trump and take responsibility for the country your past administration has created

Lets pretend all the math is done , the science is in, the earth is screwed. Humans are killing the earth with excess waste destroying the ecosystem. If we dont cull half the human population now, the fragile balnce of nature will collapse on itself in 30 short years. So you justify a new form of genocide and start with the least deserving. amirite?
@Find a poison gas that attacks only the genes of a race (or two or three) you want to eliminate. I mean, if half a...

It wouldnt be actual genocide...it would be based on your opinions...because some people really are more responsible for the climate crisis, not only must we stop pollution but we must punish those responsible

Eating ass is acceptable. Chewing ass is not. amirite?

You don't hear people casually using the phrase " tossing salads " anymore...i wonder why

If you loose a life in game you are actually gaining an extra life, amirite?

Think of all the wasted extra lives that winners dont use

Anything is edible if you're willing to die, amirite?
@is that your wife?

I mean we fuck...but not my wife

Anything is edible if you're willing to die, amirite?
Anything is edible if you're willing to die, amirite?
Anything is edible if you're willing to die, amirite?
"Hey Alexa" or "Hey Siri" isn't to get your device to listen, it's to get your device to respond. amirite?

They listen except when you expect them to

The campaign trail is making me sick with the amount of wasted time and money our goverment waste on this pointless pagentry, how are these leaders fulfilling their daily obligations when they are on the road for two years every other two years, in fact the wastefulness of a campaign should be a example of why not to get elected..if i understand correct they are capaigning to raise money to bribe lobbyists, amirite?
Knowing what you like is good enough as far as art appreciation goes , amirite?

Lovely onions

Not whales. Not bacteria. Not robots. Only humans commit murder, amirite?

Well there is 1st degree 2nd degree and 3rd degree murder along with other classes of manslaughter....legaly speaking if that bacteria was inside of a person during a car accident the host, along with the bacteria may be charged with 3rd degree murder

If we keep over fishing our seas, we'll eventually kill off whales. amirite?

Whales are stealing all our plankton