Since the definition of sauce is a liquid or semi liquid used to add moistness or flavour; all liquids you spill are in fact sauces, including what someone just regurgitated, amirite?

Special sauce

People act clueless because they're insecure about the topic or what? amirite?

It gets awkward when nobody knows what their doing

Prisoners doing time right now do not get credit because we are all on lock down...i had more freedom on probation, amirite?
Respect supports corruption, amirite?
We know all governments are corrupt but we just shrug our shoulders and obey... amirite?
@Cedardoor All I know is that there are A LOT of fucked up people in the United States atleast. I am fucked up too I guess...

What is fucked up... Im watching all these movies where criminals are glorified next to a reality where healthy are quarantined. what is normal what is FUCKED UP??? You are normal , i am normal, the drooling lunatic who is clueless is normal... When the goal is to get fucked up lets keep drinking

People against trump want him to act against covid... But his supporters dont want him to do anything, amirite?
@Cin_Der_Ella Everything you've mentioned is done by people by choice, (driving is by choice, eating junk food is by choice, same...

No, their not scared....your not listening to just want to tell them how to feel...and take away their choice to be in fear or not. We want you to be healthy and everyone who can to live thru this but this FEAR is the most unhealthy aspect

Even tho women are less powerful than men. Women are always the early ones to understand situations and deal with it. As an example look at your mom. Yes they make mistakes but the fact is. Who doesn't? amirite?

Moms mistakes are always shocking... I rememder how naive i was the first time i heard her fart, she was trying to hide the fart and dissapointed that i heard it... But thats how moms are...they can make you believe they dont fart

If you can take someone's virginity, then there's someone in the world who unknowingly has the biggest collection of virginities, amirite?

Something you can take and lose at the same time

Is it wrong if you're desperate to be loved? amirite?

Love is fake yourself

The entire human population just came together to stay away from each other annd save the human race, amirite?
You probably have at least three corpses in your kitchen, amirite?
You probably have at least three corpses in your kitchen, amirite?

Chicken beef and pork

The news is scaring the fuck out of our children, amirite?
To be arrested for price gouge in america is comical...if i out smart you and buy all life saving supplies it means you messed up and will die.. What about my 35% interest rate on a credit card how is that not price gouge...fuck this facist country im going to the beach, amirite?
@people who do this should be put in jail.

I call it the rule of supply and riot...if the price is too high people will riot ...otherwise all prices are fair, Hate to say it but its law

Everyone that has covid19 will be requied to identify themselves by wearing a 6 pionted gold star... Failure to wear the star will get you sent to a FEMA camp with the sick and/or disobedient, amirite?

Funny how once you say jesus's name you lose credibility in the eyes of some people... Some people worship evil but dont belive in good....Anitchrist is not one person...its an incorrect idea infecting millions