You know a product isn't meant to last when a company adds workarounds to broken features. amirite?

It a good business plan to make products lame so you rebuy... They may also make poor quality to justifly low prices, if you have ever bought trash bags you know what i mean, i think they make the cheaper bags purpously tear so next time you pay more for ones that actually work

Most of what you've ever said or thought means dick. But you persist in saying what you must say... amirite?

Are u talking to me

Mexicans can not be trusted, amirite?
Most of what you've ever said or thought means dick. But you persist in saying what you must say... amirite?
I started a new Youtube account and went around adding my subscriptions to it. I searched for Tim Pool, and got the response "No results found", tried it again, same result. So I took a screenshot. Youtube is suppressing sources of accurate information, amirite?

Please tell me who tim pool is

The word diversity is thrown around a lot these days, it has kind of an interesting history, amirite?

Yeah so the goal is to be more different...i dont see any problems with that premise... "Sarcasm"

Old video games over new video games, amirite?

I like the part from ready player one where they are in virtual reality playing an arcade game

Why are cops shooting dogs ...we call people who hurt animals psychopaths when i took psychology, amirite?
YURI BEZMENOV: the ideological subversion of America, everyone should know about this, amirite?

Lets not give the russians too much credit....thats why were better then them , because we can be communist and democratic at the same time ..this man seems to think we are all lost and clueless...i guess they watch cnn and belive all that bs

We all cant be right
We all cant be right
If the 7 billion people on earth were compared to stars only .0001 would be intelligent, amirite?

Sounded better in my head

The word Marine comes form the Latin word for sea and is used when talking about he sea (like how marine biology is the study of sea life ) but the Navy is the branch of the military that is most often associated with the sea, not the Marines, amirite?
@It's easy to tell you've not been in the military.

No but i fight the same battles and take more risk without the protection. since 911 we are all combatant s... Besides why would i join if i know this information

eating 16 pieces of candy is very challenging Amirite?

Not if they are nerds

We have had drones for 60 years come scientists when investegating ufo's have never claimed one to be a drone...they say swamp gas or something else ridiculous but i have never heard the most likely...drones, amirite?
@How come? Scientists aren't as smart as you. That's why.

No im dumb...i dont live my life for money...they do