New Zealand needs to stop, amirite?
@Maze Sadly that appears to be true. Still, if they fixed it things would probably turn around.

Your overestimating the amout of users who can engage in intelligent conversation... You truly are 1 in a million

You know a product isn't meant to last when a company adds workarounds to broken features. amirite?

It a good business plan to make products lame so you rebuy... They may also make poor quality to justifly low prices, if you have ever bought trash bags you know what i mean, i think they make the cheaper bags purpously tear so next time you pay more for ones that actually work

My service is fine , why are they pushing 5g, amirite?
The machine that fixes climate change is gonna be some sort of factory that pumps "clean" cemicals in the air, amirite?
@Anonymousmouse and that fix will cause actual problems

At best it will do nothing...but wait , its coming soon . " scientists" will eventually sell a fix.

Doctors are causing overdoses...why would you give a patient a monthly amount of drugs at one time.. Figure out a way to only give patients a daily dose at a time you fucking lazy murderers( doctors) amirite?
Venice is flooding...if it was caused by climate change everywhere else would flood as well, amirite?
@Toounknown I aint getting any better at grammer or criticism

I need to come up with a better response when people correct me ..i dont know why i default to nazi ..sorry..dont stop

The amont of water it takes to colonize mars should solve the problem of rising sea levels, amirite?

I think the glass breaking was staged ...there is so much more publicity this way

9 points for style

I'm a conservative. I love my guns, I'm an advocate for a strong military, I want judicious fiscal spending, and limited government interference. But happened to my Republican Party. We spend like crazy. We defend a draft dodger who is our President. We overlook that he cheated multiple times on his pregnant wife. Our NATO allies laugh at him. We are the laughing stock of the world due to toddler Trump's childish behavior. And his head is so far up Putin's are, he has to be a Russian asset. A .22 caliber mind in a .44 caliber world. Why do we defend draft dodging Donald? amirite?
@Toounknown The draft should be illigal and is sexist

Good for trump for not being bullied to fight when doesnt want to

People will say "ignorance is no excuse" when ignorance is a totally valid excuse for not understanding something. amirite?
New Zealand needs to stop, amirite?
@Toounknown Its a crazy idea

They probably are ready to charge for life long treatment