Click "Yeah You Are!" to vote for Obama, and "No Way!" to vote for Rommey. Let's see who wins this! amirite?

I'm voting for Regina George because she got hit by a bus.

Hipsters: they knew Rebecca Black when it was Wednesday, amirite?
@Hipsters: they knew Justin Bieber when he wasn't shit.

That awkward moment when Justin Bieber gets asked by Rebecca Black to do a duet, and he has to say never.

Rape jokes are not, were not, and will never be funny. amirite?

Rape jokes aren't funny unless they are forced on you.

Today, I saw a MAN AND A WOMAN HOLD HANDS IN PUBLIC! I mean, I don't have anything against heterosexuality, but don't flaunt it in front of me... think about the children, amirite?

Lawl! Like, I toootally respect heterosexuals and all, it's just they need to keep their heterosexuality to themSELVES. Also, again, I TOOOTALLY respect it, it's just well (lawl!) I don't think you straights should have have the right to marry either. My religion dictates it, and if you disagree then gersh, stop religiously persecuting me already! ALRIGHTBYELOL xoxo

thinking someone's prego and them just being fat is worse than you thinking they're just fat but they happen to be prego, amirite?

That happens to me all the time. I'll grab a fat person by the hair and strangle her upside down over a bowl of pasta and shake her violently, only to realize too late that she wasn't actually Prego.

Whatever you do in life, always give 100%... unless you're donating blood, amirite?

You should NEVER give 100% in anything you do because then

This site should stop being about posting opinions and more about something productive like finding a cure to polio, amirite?

The site is called "amirite" not "amicuringpolio."

@BigTRex I thought they put thru to appeal to their uneducated customers

"Hey Betty.. What's that word right there? Drive.. Therouh?"
"I don't know Mike, I think it's one of those fancy people words."

How the hell did the guys who climbed Mt. Everest ever get down? amirite?
@DandyLion How would wifi help them get down?

"Someone get a really big ladder! #stuckonmounteverest"

Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes. We can stop this, please share, amirite?

For every share or like, a clock will be forcefully taken away from an African.

You can name at least 5 songs that would be better without Kanye West's "rapping" part, amirite?

Taylor Swift's acceptance speech...

It's OK to be 12 years old. amirite?