Rebecca is gonna get down to Wal-Mart on Black Friday, amirite?

Today is black fried egg! Yesterday was Thanksgiving...

People on mobile amirite: You wish you could see the new mouse cursor, amirite?

I didn't know there was a new cursor, but now I really wanna see it.

If they ever come out with a new soda, it should be called F5. Because it's so refreshing. amirite?

This actually sounds like a name vitaminwater would come up with for something new.

Go to Search Osama Bin Laden hideout compound Bilal town, Abbottabad Pakistan. Click the first link on the left. Scroll down and click on More Reviews by Google Users and read the reviews. You're laughing, amirite?

Am I on MLIA?

Making peanut butter & jelly sandwiches with Beyonce must be extremely frustrating, amirite?

... Because she keeps telling you to spread the peanut butter to the left, to the left? hmm smilie

It's ridiculous that babies are entered in beauty pageants. What can they even be judged on, amirite?
@elizabeth216 Have you seen the show toddlers and tiaras? The parents spray tan their 3 years and get their eyebrows waxed.

I heard one mother on that show was injecting her daughter, who was either 4 or 8 (maybe it's happened with kids of both ages, I can't remember) with botox.
That's just plain wrong.

Dear insane Christian on Facebook... Some people say "happy holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" because your religion isn't the only one that exists. This time of year doesn't ONLY celebrate Christmas, it holds many others. I think you lost the stepladder to get off your high horse, or maybe you just forgot to have your daily dose of education this past decade. amirite?

I always heard people say happy holiday because it incorporated both merry christmas and happy new year into one, as well as wishing the rest of the season goes well... It wasn't until semi-recently that I heard it being used as a way to try not to offend non-Christians, while somehow inadvertently offending Christians.
However, I do agree happy holidays may be a better way say it, although I have yet to see any non-Christians get as offended as some people make it out.

States that no one except their inhabitants care about: Oregon, Wyoming, Vermont, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota and Montana. amirite?

People also don't seem to give a damn about upstate NY... Most only seem to care about NYC.

You wish there was a "Get over it, your life isn't f-ed" option on FML, amirite?

That's usually when I vote You Deserve It.

You're fucking tired of all the girls posting albums of their 'photography' or their 'art' on facebook... But the worst really is the goddamn 'poetry' and the singing, amirite?

I know people who are actually really great at photography and writing lyrics, and do post some of their stuff on Facebook/Tumblr/etc, but it annoys me to no end when people post cellphone pics or random words they've thrown together, and think they're "amazing" and "professional." I do have an album of my pics, but I make it clear that they're just attempts, and while I'd love to be as good as a professional, I know I'm not very good (I say the same thing about my lyrics).

Writers: Choosing names for characters in your stories can be really challenging, amirite?

I'm such a perfectionist when it comes to names! I swear I spend more time trying to find ones that aren't too common or too 'out-there,' making sure the meaning is 100% perfect, and coming up with suitable nicknames (and sometime middle names), than I do actually writing their character.

you have a love for at least one typically hated smells (sharpies, car exhaust, nail polish remover, etc) amirite?

Rubbing alcohol.

You've written a text word when you're writing in school, like "ur" instead of "your", amirite?

Considering I don't even text like that, there's no way I'd end up writing like that on a paper.

Sketchers are the least cool of all the shoe brands, amirite?

I remember when they were cool, but they're definitely not anymore.

I read this in Squidward's voice.