Schrodinger's cat is definitely dead because he put it in that box in 1935. amirite?
It would actually be good for the world if a lot of humanity were to die off. amirite?

People take this to personal cause they hold on to their lives and won't let go "well are you gonna do it then???" Like duuuh that's the point we should all go because we can't change for the better

If someone legitimately creates a pill that will grow penis sizes nobody will believe them. amirite?

Without SOLID evidence

Blowjobs must be a tense affair in Cannibalistic societies. amirite?

Haha it's funny because you have to get pleasure from the same part that can give you pain!

It's important to point out whenever you're being sarcastic because we all know that the finest sarcasm occurs when you point out you're being sarcastic. amirite?

Almost broke a dimension with the layers in this one!

When life gets chaotic, the mountains offer refuge: crisp air, silky streams, and the stoic stillness of the evergreens. amirite?

what's a mountain? The highest point in my country is 318m/1k ft.

The first company to project ads across the moon is going to get ultra rich. amirite?
Only the mantis shrimp, with it's 16 photoreceptors, can see a person's true colors. amirite?

Yeah I watched that David Attenborough show last night on Netflix as well lol

Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana are the most beautiful states, yet only weirdos live there. amirite?
The word unique is so overly used an adjective that it becomes the opposite of itself. amirite?

You are unique, just like everyone else.

There may come a day where you will need two cars because you will have one on the charger and still need to go somewhere. amirite?
@Camperofjustice You know most grocery stores shops gas stations have a charger...... Like you charge at home go out to the store...

Yeah it's just a small difference in habit, too bad there a 10s of superchargers in my city but none of them works lol.

It's easier to eat zero cookies than to eat one cookie, amirite?

SLPT: Want to start a diet but you can't resist temptation? Just quit everything that earns you money, so you can't afford food.

There is no reason why the alphabet has to be in that order, amirite?

Just like there's no reason for you to exist.

Women wake up and have to put their boobs in little pouches. amirite?
@Plastic_Island3688 Not if you're Scottish. I'm not in Scotland but I have the Scots blood. Wearing a kilt just as we were meant to.

I dated a guy just after highschool who had "the Scots blood" and wore a kilt.. We were in small Appalachian town and he was there for work.. He was also 6'9 and stood out like a sore thumb.. haha I loved it though! He had khaki and black plus of course his family's tartan.

Made easy access for me to play with him while we were driving... Hahaha

Titanic was the first cruise ship with a water ride. amirite?

The Titanic was also the first to implement a "Half-off" deal for the price of cruise ships.

It went down pretty well with consumers.