One direction are much better that justin bieber! Amirite?

Both do not catch my fancy.

when you're sunburnt, you're never more paranoid of people touching you, amirite?

After getting a fresh tattoo as well.

Going to the Just In page and commenting on the next great POTD first can be either a really good thing or a really bad thing... amirite?
Sometimes it seems you're not allowed to be happy for more then a day,

I only voted yeah you are because yeah you are allowed to be happy more than a day :)

It'd be interesting to see how people would live through their unwanted pregnancy if they could not abort their child (as in it being literally impossible to get rid of the child, no matter their actions barring the death of the woman they will have to carry the child, alcohol and such would still have a negative effect on the child but not the death of the child), amirite?

People would probably have more money issues, debt, protected sex and less of it (which isn't as fun) and family problems frown smilie

Coke always tastes better when it's from McDonald's, amirite?

Charlie Sheen has some good coke...

Its really annoing when you have plans and people cancel, amirite?

Because you think about it so often that you sort of make a story to how it's going to play out, and in the end, you are let down.

If you add up all the time since the beginning of time that men have used to stare at women's butts/boobs, masturbate, and watch porn, that would be a LOT of time. If they had used that time for scientific discovery and collaboration, we'd probably have time travel or the cure to cancer or even the iPhone 6 by now, amirite?

They could of built a time macne and travelled to the futer!

Body fat: migrate to my boobs or gtfo, amirite?
Thanksgiving may be a scam pulled off by turkey farmers, amirite?


That person must be lonely. frown smilie

Tyranny? More like unfair emo smilie

There are days where your hair is way softer than normal but you don't know why, amirite?

And better looking cool smilie

It sucks when you sneeze while you're brushing your teeth. amirite?

Or with anything in your mouth for that matter.

We would only know for sure if God exists if someone visits us from the future. Therefore, as an empirical test to determine whether God exists, we should build a time machine and see if anyone uses it to travel from the future to the present day, and if nobody does then God does not exist. However, the sequential order of events must always be remembered: our existence in the present day comes before the future. Amirite?